Gemstone Spotlight: Onyx

Gemstone Spotlight: Onyx
Onyx is a distinctive gemstone usually striped with bands of milky white against a background of black. It’s long been prized as a strong, fierce protector and absorber of negative energy and looks really striking worn in jewellery. Read on for everything you need to know about Onyx.
sterling silver bracelet with black onyx charmsterling silver bracelet with black onyx charm
gold pendant necklace with green onyx gemstonegold pendant necklace with green onyx gemstone
Gold statement ring with black enamelGold statement ring with black enamel

What is Onyx?

Onyx can be found as a black stone with white bands or in hues of green, red, orange and black, amongst others. It's layers can be cut to show a contrast, making it a distinctive, striking stone. 

Onyx is known as a protective, grounding stone and legend has it that the more negative energy it absorbs, the darker it gets. In ancient Greek, the word onyx means a fingernail or claw, giving it a strong, ferocious energy.

What does Onyx symbolise?

 Onyx is said to be a strength-giving stone, providing support, stamina and courage to its wearer. Perhaps because of its two strong colours working together in contrast and harmony, it’s also said to foster successful relationships.

Did you know Cleopatra used to wear Black Onyx for protection? Apparently she could sense the stone vibrating with bad energy when danger was near so used it for guidance and warning. Mysterious…

gold station necklace with black onyx gemstonegold station necklace with black onyx gemstone
gold charm bracelet with clip on gemstone charmsgold charm bracelet with clip on gemstone charms
gold ring stack with black onyx gemstone and gold labradorite ringgold ring stack with black onyx gemstone and gold labradorite ring

What does Onyx help with?

Onyx has many physical and emotional properties. It’s a protective, strength-giving stone which protects against evil energy, and is said to actually absorb it, getting darker as it does so. It motivates, drives forward and energises it’s wearer, making it great for new chapters or tough times. It’s often used in Feng Shui to bring protection to the home. 

A slice of 1920s glamour

 Deep Black Onyx evokes a spirit of glamorous bygone eras. Onyx demands a bold setting and our Ottima collection is just that. Taking a bold slice of Black Onyx and adding a deco spin with bold, geometric shapes on earrings, pendants, and rings. We love the Ottima Stacking ring contrasted with your favourite stacking rings and bright nails.

gold and black onyx necklace stackgold and black onyx necklace stack
statement gold drop earrings with black onyxstatement gold drop earrings with black onyx
black onyx station bracelet in 18ct yellow gold vermeilblack onyx station bracelet in 18ct yellow gold vermeil
gold and black ring stack with cocktail rings and gold stacking ringsgold and black ring stack with cocktail rings and gold stacking rings

Embrace your dark side

Super dramatic and an unexpected alternative to a lighter gemstone, we love Black Onyx for adding a bit of punk edge. Try the Black Onyx Biography Bracelet which pairs Black Onyx with silver rather than gold for a cool, layered look. If you’re building a charm bracelet or necklace, why not add the Black Onyx Biography Charm for a little contrast and edge? The black looks extra chic contrasted with your other yellow gold charms

If you’re after a locket with a darker feel, you’ll love our Polaris lockets which contrast a base of inky Black Onyx with dazzling White Sapphires and our iconic North Star motif. Or, go bold with a simple slice of Black Onyx in this statement beauty.  

green onyx earring stack with gold huggie hoop earring and gold stud earringgreen onyx earring stack with gold huggie hoop earring and gold stud earring

Go green

Remember we mentioned that Onyx comes in lots of different hues? One of our favourites is this stunning, vibrant green. It’s the sort of shade that you can’t help but smile at. Our Mini Round Stilla Green Onyx Earrings are an exquisite pop of colour for your ears whilst our Stilla Ring is minimal, contemporary and uplifting. Green Onyx is said to symbolise soothing, purity and positivity. Yes please. 

Onyx is responsibly-sourced with Astley Clarke

We’re committed to being a responsible, environmentally-conscious brand. We have long term relationships with a small number of expert suppliers, all of whom are Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified. This means responsible business practices from mine to retail for all our gemstones, supporting international standards, improving ethical, social and environmental conditions and supporting local communities. This means all of our Onyx is responsibly and sustainably sourced. 

silver bracelet with black onyx gemstone charmsilver bracelet with black onyx gemstone charm

Onyx FAQs

What are the physical healing properties of Onyx?

Onyx is said to help with headaches as well as strengthen the eyes and optic nerve. It’s said to have a connection with the base chakra, uniting us with the natural world beneath our feet and even helping with leg, knee and foot problems. 

What are the emotional properties of Onyx?

Onyx is associated with sleep and keeping the stone near your bed is thought to stop night terrors. It’s also said to help unite the two distinct sides of a personality and make wise decisions. Healing old injuries, dealing with grief and improving focus make Onyx a powerful stone.

Where is Onyx found?

Onyx is actually formed naturally in caves as stalactites and stalagmites. It’s mined in many countries including the US, Brazil, Madagascar and Pakistan.

What is the meaning of the word Onyx?

In ancient Greek, Onyx means a fingernail or claw. This is because of its stripes which resemble claws, but also because of a bizarre legend involving Cupid and some fingernails…Intrigued? According to Roman mythology, Cupid clipped the fingernails of the Goddess Venus whilst she was asleep. To immortalise her, the Fates turned her fingernails to stone. And so Onyx was born. 

Who should wear Black Onyx?

Onyx has lots of helpful physical and mental properties and as a stone thought to absorb negative energy, it’s helpful in most situations. Those struggling with sleep, decision making and the influence of toxic energy are said to benefit from wearing Onyx. The stone is said to balance out volatile Leos as well as give Virgos luck, love and money. 

Is Onyx a birthstone?

Although Onyx isn’t officially associated with the birthstone chart it is ruled by Mars and Saturn and linked to Leo. It is said the bold, strident nature of a Leo can be balanced and grounded by Black Onyx.

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