How to open your Astley Clarke locket

How to open your Astley Clarke locket
One of our most asked questions? How to open an Astley Clarke locket. Sounds easy enough - how hard can opening a locket be? As with everything, theres a knack to it so follow our step by step guide to make opening and closing your locket easy.

How to open your Astley Clarke locket

Hold the locket, with the front facing you, on the right hand edge you’ll find a small indented lip. 

If you can’t find it, imagine your locket is a clock and you see it situated at the 2 o’clock space. 

Holding your locket securely, use your thumb and fingernail between the two side of the lip and place it in the groove to pop the locket open.

When you want to close it again, squeeze the faces on the locket towards each other until you hear a small click.

It’s that easy and now you can look at your memories whenever you like.

Want to update your images?

If you have new memories to feature in your locket then changing your locket image is just as easy.

If you would like to order new images for your locket necklace, head to your locket's product page and follow these easy steps:

On the drop down button under ‘Size’, select the size of the locket that you own.

Scroll down the page until you see 'Replacement Photos'.

Click the link and then and upload the image you would like. 

Once you are happy with the cropping of your image: 'Confirm' the photo, 'Review' the final look and add it to your basket. 

Head to the checkout and then leave the cutting, printing and sending to us!

How to refresh your locket when your images arrive 

When you receive your replacement photo, it will have been printed to the size of your locket. Once received, slot the photo into the space, ensuring the edges of the photo are behind the lip on the inside of the locket, to be held securely in place.

Each locket has been individually polished in our workshop which means that the internal measurements can vary in size from piece to piece. You may therefore, need to trim the photo to fit your locket perfectly. If your image is a little small, we recommend using the small sticky dots received with your replacement photo to secure the picture in place.