Lisa’s Lessons in Stacking

With her enviable style and sartorial expertise it will come as no surprise that we have long been admirers of journalist du jour, Lisa Armstrong. So you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to write an exclusive guest post and impart her worldly knowledge on stacking and layering.

Read on for Lisa’s tips on the ring perfect stack.

Wallis Simpson knew a lot about style – she didn’t have much else to think about, let’s be honest. But she was very silly when it came to rings She absolutely refused to wear them. Can you imagine? Wallis believed her hands were ugly, so devoted a ridiculous amount of time to not drawing attention to them, thereby depriving herself of endless harmless pleasure.

Remarkably Wallis hadn’t worked out that a great ring, or better still, some stacking rings, can distract from, or even make a virtue of, perceived minor imperfections.

I’m with Liz Taylor on this. “Look at my fat little fingers”, she once chortled to a gaggle of reporters. “Don’t they look fabulous?” In the same way that a clumpy heel makes a chunky leg look more delicate, so a cluster of rings can slenderise and lengthen fingers. Stacking rigs are versatile too: you can change the colour scheme and proportions at whim.

Here are some tips for wearing them well:

1. Ladder them up your longest finger…

2. …and your shortest

Right past the knuckle if you’re in the mood for what fashion types call ‘A Bold Statement’.

3. Clash them

Orange with pink, violet with mustard. Unleash your inner Yves Saint Laurent.

4. Co-ordinate them…

Either with each other, loading on subtle gradations of blue or grey to complement an outfit or your eyes or both. Think of the entertainment this will provide every time you glimpse your digits. Much as I love earrings and necklaces, the only time they entertain you is when you look in the mirror. And there’s a limit to how many times you can reasonably do that each day.

5. Stick to a simple theme

Stick to a simple theme – of diamonds. How gorgeous, twinkly and effortlessly stylish with jeans or a ball dress is that. Particularly, perhaps, if you alternate rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. Opt for chic, skinny slivers and add to them gradually, rewarding yourself with one every time you achieve something amazing. Or quite amazing.

6. Wear them slightly loose

Not only to allow for heat swells, but because as with boots, a suction fit is not flattering, whereas an airy circumference will immediately make everyone think you’ve lost tons of weight.


I know what you’re thinking: you have this huge old engagement ring, not to mention that boring wedding band. Then there’s the monster granny left you… you can’t fit on anything more. Well, newsflash: you can move even sacred milestone rings around – or remove them in a jewellery box. Don’t think of this as betrayal, but as kindness to your rings. They could use the break.

So could your eyes. “The eye must travel”, declared the great Diana Vreeland. She was right. The eye craves variety. That’s exactly what it gets with stacking rings. Just changing the running order means your eye can take a different journey every day.

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