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New Collection – Phototaxis in Detail

In this new collection for Astley Clarke, designer Dominic Jones returns to the natural world with a focus on British moths as his design muse.

Inspired by the instinctual manner in which moths are drawn to the light (‘Phototaxis’), Jones plays on this theme re-interpreting their bodily form in 14 carat gold castings to create the notion that they are in flight.

Captivatingly romantic in aesthetic, the Phototaxis collection holds an eclectic range of beautifully crafted statement pieces and more minimalistic jewellery styles that transcend time and seasons.


Emperor Moth Ring

Cinnabar Papillon Bracelets

Thoughtful design and traditional handcrafting techniques bring to life moth-like silhouettes in fine jewellery pieces.

Intricate wing markings are depicted in micro mosaic pavé set grey, yellow and black diamonds creating an eye-catching effect as light reflects off the wings of the matching emperor moth cocktail ring and cuff bracelet.

Shimmering moth motifs are paired with moonstone spheres, illustrating how these fluttering winged creatures navigate in the night sky.


Magpie Moth Ring

Crimson Speckled Moth Hoop Earring and Cinnabar Papillon Earring

For added colour intensity, traditional hot glass enamelling is used instead of modern plastic, creating a luxury quality that is reminiscent of art nouveau jewellery. Bright yellow curves decorate the emperor moth pieces, while red enamel beautifully illustrates the rouge pigmentation found on the scarlet tiger moth.

They say the devil is in the detail and you’ll find an unusual skull-like feature on the back of the death’s-head hawk moth choker and pendant. This mimics the mark found on the thorax of the living moth believed to act as a camouflage to trick honeybees as it enters the hive incognito to steal some honey.


Death’s-Head Hawk Mini Moth Pendant

Scarlet Tiger Moth Double Ring

A refined collection of modern fine jewellery steeped in heritage and storytelling, Phototaxis can be worn as standalone pieces or paired with other designs from our collections.

Build your jewellery collection with the latest designs from the Phototaxis Collection.


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