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Our Personal Shopper’s Top 8 Valentine’s Gifts

Jewellery has always been the perfect Valentine’s gift, however at Astley Clarke we think that jewellery with meaning is even more special. Each of our pieces has a special meaning attached to it, and we have engravable pieces to make sure you can make your further unique but giving it a personal touch. Our Personal Shopper, Paige Warner, helps our customers everyday choose the perfect piece for them and here are her top 8 Valentine’s Gifts to make sure you get it just right!

1. The Cosmos Pendant, £495

A classic pendant with a hint of romance, the Cosmos disc is one of our most iconic symbols and represents infinity.

cosmos pendant

2. Morganite Tearoom Ring, £1450

A stunning combination of rose gold, morganite and diamonds.

morganite tearoom ring

3. Tiny Love Disc Bracelet, £275

A simple, delicate bracelet that says everything you need it to.

love disc bracelet

4. Medium Astley Locket, £150

A sterling silver pendant that can be engraved and can contain a photograph within, perfect for a unique and personal Valentine’s gift

medium astley locket

5. Rose Quartz Heart Kula Bracelet, £90

An adjustable bracelet that symbolises love and beauty

heart kula bracelet

6. Bow and Arrow Biography Drop Earrings,  £80

Reminiscent of Cupid’s bow and arrow, these earrings symbolise love and desire and are as classic as they are unique.

bow and arrow dro

7. Mini Heart Biography Pendant, £70

Simple but stunning, our heart pendant sends the perfect message

heart bio pendant

8. Mini Halo Hoop Earrings, £495

Our halo hoop earrings are an Astley Clarke classic, but are now available in a dazzling array of colours

mini halo hoop earrings

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