Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day
We’re all different when it comes to Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s sparkle, bubbles and declarations of love. For others it’s showing a special friend, sister or colleague how much you appreciate them. For others, it’s all about the self-love, celebrating… well, you. Here at Astley Clarke we’re all of the above (and heavy on the self-love).

But where does Valentine’s Day come from?

 The day is named after the famous St. Valentine and originated from a Roman festival celebrating the start of Spring; a time of new life and beginnings. Boys and girls would draw names out of a hat and become a couple for the duration of the festival, sometimes going on to marry (thank goodness we’ve dropped that one).

The day historically wasn’t exclusively for romantic love. In fact it was a way to appreciate friends as well as lovers by exchanging small tokens of affection and handwritten notes. As time went on, it snowballed into the celebration of love we know today.

We’ve got lots of ideas for the perfect Valentine’s gift for all tastes and budgets, whether you’re treating yourself, a friend or a loverrrr (sorry).

The Big Romantic Gesture

We couldn’t mention Valentine’s Day without mentioning diamonds, could we? If it’s not your thing, no worries. But if you’re feeling all romantic and want to make a statement that doesn’t involve flash mobs or hot air balloons, why not go with a classic? 

Before you dismiss them as out of your price point, we’ve got pieces for all purses, with our beautiful everyday diamond collection making for a sparkly - but still affordable - surprise. This solid 14ct rose gold diamond hoop huggie is a beauty and would make a perfect addition to any ear stack. Or this dainty Asteri ring in 14ct yellow gold with a sprinkling of diamonds is a a real wear-every-day treasure.

The Charming One

For the memory-treasurers, storytellers and lovers of all things sentimental. Create a truly unique piece with our new collection of 18ct gold vermeil charm jewellery. From alphabet charms and birthstone lockets to talismans and meaningful motifs, stack your choice of necklaces, bracelets and earrings with meaning. 

The turtle charm might remind them of that amazing holiday in the Maldives… or your first date at the zoo. And that locket charm is engraved with the date you got married and contains a photo of your dog. We’re crying just thinking about it…

The Gift within a Gift

You can’t get more personal than an engraved locket with a photo inside. It’s just not possible. Our lockets range from the tiniest charms to diamond-encrusted beauties meaning there’s one to suit every budget. 

The Polaris mother of pearl is a super special piece with our signature North Star emblazoned with sapphires. Or our gemstone slice lockets are beautifully simple and luxurious with individual meanings .The deep green Malachite and black Onyx are super luxurious. Or go angular with our Deco locket in fiery red Agate or vibrant blue Agate

For your engraving, try a meaningful date, initials or a short message. We have been known to receive engraving requests for marriage proposals (and yes, we squeal every time). Don’t forget you can upload your own photos when you purchase your locket so it’ll arrive with you fully customised - it’s a completely complimentary service.

Friendship Bracelets

It’s all in the name with our stunning grown-up friendship bracelets. The perfect treat for a special friend, these little beauties come in a crowd of colours and styles, from silken cord to a rainbow of gemstones

Friendship bracelets have been around for thousands of years and according to tradition you tie a bracelet onto the wrist of someone special and they wish for something as you tie it on. The perfect token for Galentine’s dinner plans with best friends. 

Need a little more gift inspo? Go and browse the full collection.