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Gemini Jewellery

May 21st - June 20th

Open-minded and charismatic, Geminis have vibrant personalities that positively influence those around them. As they see life through rose-coloured glasses, a Gemini is bound to show enthusiasm over any thoughtful gift they are presented with. Shop the fine and demi-fine pieces below that have been selected to showcase the astrological characteristics of the Gemini. Learn more about the qualities of a Gemini in our Zodiac Sign Guide.

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  • The Perfect Gift
    Featuring a simple yet illustrative engraving of the Twins symbol, a Biography star sign pendant is the perfect gift for a Gemini.

    Choose from sunny 18 carat yellow gold vermeil, 18 carat rose gold plated silver or crisp sterling silver and add further personalisation to the pendant with engraving on the back of its disc.
  • Yellow Gold (Vermeil)
  • Zodiac Stone
    Zodiacs have close relationships with their associated precious and semi-precious gemstones. This makes for a beautiful gift with plenty of character, matching that of the giftee.

    As a highly diverse gemstone, quartz is the zodiac stone of Gemini and has a chameleon-like nature with a myriad of colours and tones.
  • Rose Gold (Vermeil)
  • Ruling Planet
    Modern astrology looks to the movements of planets to predict how star signs are influenced. Geminis should pay attention to the pattern of Mercury. Tapping into the ways of communication, Mercury gives this zodiac sign skills of improvisation and organisation. This planet is represented by red garnets as part of the Astronomy collection.
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
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