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Pisces Jewellery

February 19th - March 20th

With a genuine heart and a natural instinct for loyalty, those with the star sign of Pisces cherish all their relationships and view life idealistically. A romantic or somewhat poetic gift will best please a Pisces as they have an expressive side that revels in dramatic gestures. Shop our edit of Pisces-inspired jewellery that conveys their astrological traits through gemstones and symbols. Learn more about the qualities of a Pisces in our Zodiac Sign Guide.

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  • The Perfect Gift
    Featuring an modern engraving of the zodiac symbol of the Fish, this Biography necklace is an elegant addition to any jewellery box.

    Make it an extra personalised gift with a further engraving of initials on its silver or 18 carat gold pendant.
  • Yellow Gold (Vermeil)
  • Ruling Planet
    In astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet due to its position in the sky and its similar instinctual energies.

    Neptune has a feminine energy that many Pisces naturally hold also. The Blue Planet also encourages sensitivity and idealism and has inspired our range of lapis lazuli Astronomy pieces.
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
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  • Zodiac Stone
    Astrologers believe that the qualities of particular gemstones are linked to those of zodiacs.

    As the stone of this star sign, amethyst has historically been believed to reveal the future of lovers when placed in the mouth during a full moon.
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
  • White Gold (Solid)
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