Aquarians vibe with amethysts, a Taurean’s best friend is a diamond, while tempestuous Arians need soothing aquamarine.
Your birthstones aren’tjust an excuse for a new piece of gemstone jewelry they are chosen to align with your zodiac characteristics.

What does yours say about you?


Gemstone: Garnet

Meaning: Constancy / Loyalty

Those who are born in January sit under ambitious and hardworking Capricorn or clever, optimistic Aquarius. Both can benefit from the self-confidence, passion, and creativity that garnet inspires. It can also inject a little fire into your heart’s desire.

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Gemstone: Amethyst

Meaning: Sincerity / Peace

Calming, soothing, but with the power to boost intuition, amethyst is a powerful ancient gemstone celebrated by goddesses and queens. Its balancing aura will vibe with the mercurial Aquarius, while its courage-boosting powers will help the sometimes-fearful Pisces.

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Gemstone: Aquamarine

Meaning: Courage / Health

As its name suggests the watery hues of this sea-faring stone will appeal to the aqueous energies of water sign Pisces. It will also help calm the Aries impulsiveness and anger, bringing them back to a place of confidence and optimism.

March also has secondary birthstone: Bloodstone


Gemstone: Diamond

Meaning: Innocence / Love

The ram gives way to the bull in April – both tough resilient characters like their birthstone, diamond. It will help the head-ruled Aries to find imagination and ingenuity, and bring out the sensual, tactile nature of Taureans.

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Gemstone: Emerald

Meaning: Happiness / Fertility

It feels right that May, the final month of Spring, is where the zodiac moves from earth to air. Emerald is the ideal connecting stone, its color reminiscent of trees with roots in the ground and leaves in the sky. Its link to the heart chakra brings together the emotionally loyal Taurus with the gently affectionate Gemini.

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Gemstone: Pearl

Meaning: Balance / Joy

A Gemini has two sides, so while the emerald appeals to her heart the pearl, with its connotations of wisdom, will appeal to her head. Its association to the divine feminine and its watery origins will enhance Cancer’s deep intuition and emotional sensitivity.

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Gemstone: Ruby

Meaning: Nobility / Beauty

This is a stone with a rare, powerful energy – Kublai Khan was said to have been so in a ruby’s sway he offered an entire city in exchange for it. A ruby may seduce but it is about love in all its form. Cancer will find it a boon as it will balance emotional sensitivities, while it will bolster Leo’s inherent confidence.

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Gemstone: Peridot

Meaning: Felicity / Protection

The fiery lion cedes ground to the earth mother in August and peridot is ideal for smoothing the way. Its relation to the solar plexus chakra helps ground Leo’s tendency to bring the drama, while helping shy Virgo find some confidence.

August also has a secondary birthstone: Spinel

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Gemstone: Sapphire

Meaning: Wisdom / Calmness

Companionship is September’s vibe as two of the zodiac’s most harmonising signs share the celestial space. Sapphire is about communication both with our inner selves and with others, bringing out Virgo’s loyalty and Libra’s desire for cooperation.

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Gemstone: Opal

Meaning: Balance / Endurance

The stone of the heart chakra is powerful for both Libra and Scorpio. It is an amplifier, which will help Librans in their quest for perfect balance. This can also help Scorpios who can be secretive and prone to jealousy, the opal can open their hearts to support them when they are usure of people.


Gemstone: Citrine

Meaning: Friendship / Strength

Topaz is the stone of communication, which will help secretive Scorpio find her voice. It will also calm the tendencies of talkative outgoing Sagittarius to promise more than she can deliver.

November also has a secondary birthstone: Topaz


Gemstone: Turquoise

Meaning: Wisdom / Wealth

As the year comes to an end flighty gregarious Sagittarius makes way for calm, conscientious Capricorn. With its healing peaceful energy, turquoise will bring serenity to Sagittarians, and amplify the Capricorn’s steadfast nature.

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