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Solid Gold Necklaces

Solid Gold Necklaces

With inherent value, each of our solid gold necklaces is designed in our London Studio. Teeming with unique, timeless designs and made to outlast passing trends, this collection is one that is worth seriously exploring.


Discover our collection of solid gold necklaces, crafted to elevate your everyday look. Designed at our London studio, this collection takes the classic jewellery staple of gold necklaces and places them in a modern context, blending the contemporary with the classic. 


Available in a range of designs, our pendant necklace features both lab grown Diamonds and natural Diamonds with a range of symbolic motifs from arrows, lucky horseshoes, the North star, the Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand for protection. These pieces look great stacked with your other solid gold pieces from Atsley Clarke or worn alone as a chic, simple statement piece.