The Making of Our Jewelry

Who designs your jewelry?

All of our jewelry is designed by a small, dedicated team in our London studio.

Where is your jewelry made?

We work closely with just three main suppliers. Our gold and diamond jewelry is made in a family run state-of-the-art factory in Mumbai. Our diamonds are wax set which leads to a better long term performance and recycled gold is clearly indicated where we use it. The global centre for excellence in gemstone jewelry making is Bangkok, Thailand. Unrivalled access to stones and the latest manufacturing techniques ensure a consistent quality of materials and production. We visit all our suppliers.

Are your gemstones sourced responsibly?

Our suppliers are part of the Responsible Jewelry Council. The council implements specific codes of practice and members commit to the following:

  • Responsible business practices from mine to retail - this applies to gold, silver, PGM, diamond and colored gemstone supply chains.
  • Supporting international standards and development goals of its workforce.
  • Improving ethical, social, human rights and environmental conditions, with a primary focus to support local community development, anti-corruption efforts, and to manage any potential sourcing risks.

Can you trace the source of your diamonds?

We adhere to the Kimberley Process and are committed to sourcing our diamonds in the most ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

How does the Kimberley Process work?

The Kimberley Process, adopted in 2002, regulates 99% of the rough diamond trade worldwide, through a system of import/export controls that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate supply chain. Key industry representatives, including JA, worked with governments and human rights groups (often called non-governmental organisations, or NGOs) around the world to bring about this solution to the conflict diamond problem. KP is supported and mandated by the United Nations. Today, 69 participating nations and the worldwide diamond industry uphold KP regulations, along with help from NGOs.

Is your jewelry nickel-free?

All of our sterling silver and vermeil jewelry is nickel-free, which means that it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

What is vermeil ("ver-may")?

Gold Vermeil, or just Vermeil, refers to items made from Sterling Silver (92.5% pure, hallmarked 925) and then coated in at least 2.5micron of gold, the gold needs to be of at least 10ct purity, we use 18k purity, we also coat to closer to 3micron. Inevitably the piece will rub against other objects and depending on where it is worn we say 1 micron should last 1 year. Clearly, rings get more contact time than say earrings. Flash plating that we never use is 0.15 micron so easy to see how costume jewelry doesn’t stay gold for very long. To keep Vermeil jewelry looking its best, we would certainly recommend removing your jewelry when showering as chlorine in water is especially damaging. We also recommend putting on your jewelry after applying scents or moisturisers.

How long will my vermeil jewelry last?

The nature of plated jewelry does mean that it will gently fade over time and will depend on each person. To keep your vermeil jewelry looking its best, we would certainly recommend removing your jewelry when showering/bathing, as chlorine in water is especially damaging. In addition to this, we would suggest removing your jewelry when applying scents, lotions and potions.

Is your jewelry solid gold?

All our jewelry is made using only Sterling Silver, Vermeil or solid Gold. The gold purity is 14k, that is 58.5% pure (hallmarked 585), the balance is alloy to make the material harder. We prefer to use 14k as most of our gold jewelry contains melee diamonds and these like a firm setting, the greater the purity the softer the metal. We also prefer the paler shade of 14k jewelry.