Personalization & Engraving

How do I upload a photo to my locket?

By starting on our personalization page you can locate and select the locket that you would like to order. To add a photo, simply click on Personalize. If the piece you have selected can be engraved, you will be provided with the option of adding this information first. If this is not required, click on Skip engraving and add photo. You can then upload your image. Once complete the image can be moved or re-sized by using the selection area box. A preview of how the image will appear in your locket can be seen on the right-hand side if you are on a desktop or by scrolling down if you are on a mobile. Should you wish to change the image, please click on Upload a different photo to restart the process. When you are ready to proceed, click on Review your order and if you are happy with all of the details you see, click on Add to bag at checkout.

Do I have to choose between engraving or a photo?

The good news is that you don't have to choose. We offer a complimentary personalization service which includes engraving and adding a photo or two depending on the piece. This can either be completed at the point of ordering or at a point in the future after a piece has been received or gifted.

I would like to have a bespoke design engraved onto my locket, is this possible?

As our engraving is completed by machine, we can accommodate any standard keyboard characters. Unfortunately, bespoke logos cannot be engraved at this time.

How do I open my locket?

Our top tip would be to hold the locket with the front facing you, on the right hand edge - at 2 o'clock if you imagine it as a clock face - there is a lip which will enable you to pop open the locket. Your locket may be quite stiff to begin with, but will ease once it has been opened and closed a few times.

Can I add more characters to my engraving?

The character limit varies across all of our products. This has been tested and set to ensure that your engraving looks as good as it possibly can. Unfortunately, with this in mind, we cannot increase any character limits.

Do you offer engraving on the front or inside of your lockets?

Engraving is only available on the reverse side of our lockets and we cannot currently accommodate any other bespoke requests.

I would like to put a lock of hair into the locket will this work?

Our lockets have been specifically designed to hold only photos inside. Should you wish to insert a lock of hair this may indeed be a possibility, however, we would not be able to source a covering for you to keep this in place. We would recommend purchasing your chosen locket without personalization to establish if this piece would work for you. We offer a 30-day returns policy on all non-personalized products, should the piece not suit.

I have just received my engraved piece and I don't like it. Can I return it for a refund?

If your jewelry has been engraved, it is sadly ineligible for a return furthermore an exchange or a refund would not be possible. Full details can be found via our Terms & Conditions.

Can the locket photos be changed?

The photos are not permanently secured and can be replaced. To order replacement photos for your jewelry, simply click here to locate your piece and upload a photo. We may be able to provide you with a promotional code at our discretion; please contact for more information. The replacement photo(s) will come with instructions on how to remove and replace the existing one. It will be cut to size, however, you may need to trim the photo to fit your locket perfectly and if your image is a little small, we would recommend using a little double-sided tape to secure the picture in place. Removing the image can be a bit tricky. Our top tip would be using a small piece of blue/white tack and pressing this on top of the image with your finger as this will stick to it and help with removal. Alternatively, you may use a pin or a pair of tweezers to grab the edge of the photo, but be very careful if you do opt for this method to avoid scratching the locket.

Do you provide a protection layer on top of the Photos?

With our Complimentary Photo Service, we place the photos inside your locket, which are held in place by the Locket Design. They can be removed and replaced at a later date. We do not provide any protected layer on top of the photo, so should water get inside your locket, it is likely to get damaged.

How long do engraving and personalization take? Can I still get my order the next day?

If you've added personalization to your order, please allow up to 2 additional working days for completion on top of your selected delivery method. If you select Next Day Delivery, your order will be sent on an express service after it has been personalized.

Do any of your lockets hold more than one photo?

The following lockets can be personalized with two photos - Mini Biography Locket, and Medium Biography Locket - all available in yellow gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Can I arrange engraving at a later date, after purchase?

Yes, should you wish to purchase your item without personalization. Once received and you are happy with the piece, we can certainly arrange a free returns label for your item to be returned back to us and engraving can be added. This is still a complimentary service.