Anniversary Gemstones

While tradition offers paper, tin and china as suitable gifts for the 1st, 10th and 20th wedding anniversary, we believe that certain occasions demand something a little more… captivating.

1st Anniversary

Material: Labradorite

Meaning: A powerful protector. This stone is a shield that blocks negative energy, restores calm and boosts your mood. Perfect for keeping that first year of marriage on a smooth emotional road.


2nd Anniversary

Material: Moonstone

Meaning: This stone is a symbol of light and hope; one that encourages us to embrace new beginnings. It was thought that when placed in the mouth during a full moon, lovers' futures would be revealed.

Moonstone NecklaceMoonstone Necklace

3rd Anniversary

Material: Amethyst

Meaning: Amethyst is thought to bring trust and grace, but the ancient Greeks also thought it could prevent drunkenness and overindulgence, which could be beneficial if you’re one of those married couples who enjoys holding dinner parties.

4th Anniversary

Material: Turquoise

Meaning: You shouldn’t really need any luck four years in, but if you do then this stone will deliver. It also brings wisdom, protection and tranquillity, should you feel your relationship requires any of those.

Turquoise Evil Eye BraceletTurquoise Evil Eye Bracelet

5th Anniversary

Material: Aquamarine

Meaning: Universal harmony is a good thing to have in a marriage and aquamarine can help with that. It was also thought to bring happiness to a marriage especially when given as a ring.

10th Anniversary

Material: Quartz

Meaning: After 10 years you could be feeling a little stuck in a rut, which is where quartz can help. This clever crystal increases inspiration and creativity, it can also help you with concentration and retaining knowledge should you find yourself unable to remember your other half’s “really funny” stories.

15th Anniversary

Material: Garnet

Meaning: You’ve made it to 15 years, so you probably don’t need the love and affection that topaz can bring. However, it does also bring honour and strength, useful if you’re feeling that 15-year itch.

20th Anniversary

Material: Garnet

Meaning: Like most red gemstone, garnet deals in the heart. It is the stone of love, the universal life force, and passion. It has been known to boost self-confidence and sexual energy. Perfect for adding a little spice to two-decade partnership. 

25th Anniversary

Material: Silver

Meaning: A quarter of a century is celebrated in metal not stone and this one is particularly appropriate. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us, useful if you’ve gotten used to having someone around. Given that it is also associated with unconditional love, it could be just the relationship tonic you need.

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Material: Pearl

Meaning: A beautiful thing formed from grit – nothing more aptly symbolises a 30-year marriage; a thing of beauty created through hard work. It is also said to symbolise wisdom gained through experience. In short, it’s the perfect gemstone for this anniversary.

35th Anniversary

Material: Coral

Meaning: Joyful to look at, coral can restore peace and tranquillity and bring love into the heart. It is also a gemstone associated with change, allowing the past to be released and for new things to come into the future. Let’s hope that new thing isn’t a romance.

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40th Anniversary

Material: Ruby

Meaning: A serious gemstone for an important milestone. In Sanskrit, rubies are known as ratnaraj, 'King of precious stones’ and symbolically this really brings out the big guns. Love, passion, courage – legend has it that those who wear a ruby can walk through life without fear of misfortune. You’d expect no less protection from the king of stones.

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45th Anniversary

Material: Sapphire

Meaning: Ruby may be christened the king of the gemstones, but sapphires are what royalty actually wears. It brings with abundance, blessings, and gifts; is a representation of the wisdom and joy found in a marriage this long. Well, you wouldn’t expect it to symbolise ignorance and rancour would you?

50th Anniversary

Material: Gold

Meaning: You’ve made it to gold, the metal of the gods. It is associated with the sun, with spiritual enlightenment, the sacred, the powerful. Gold has no oxides and therefore is the only precious metal that will not tarnish, rather like true love, which can only shine because it contains no doubts.

60th Anniversary

Material: Diamond

Meaning: Forged deep in the earth’s core, a child of intense heat and pressure, diamonds are one of the oldest stones in existence. What makes these gorgeous gems so desirable, apart from their fire, is because there are a finite number of stones in the Earth, so each one is uniquely precious – just like the person with whom you've spent 60 years of your life.

70th Anniversary

Material: Platinum

Meaning: Like reaching a 70th wedding anniversary, platinum is extremely rare. All the platinum ever mined would not cover you ankles if poured in an Olympic swimming pool. We currently have no platinum jewelry but here you can shop our lustrous 14-ct white gold jewelry instead.