Anniversary Gemstones

While tradition offers paper, tin and china as suitable gifts for the 1st, 10th and 20th wedding anniversary, we believe that certain occasions demand something a little more… captivating.

1st Anniversary

Material: Labradorite

Meaning: A 'firestone' which Eskimo Inuits believed contained the Northern Lights.

2nd Anniversary

Material: Moonstone

Meaning: It was thought that when placed in the mouth during a full moon, lovers' futures would be revealed.

3rd Anniversary

Material: Amethyst

Meaning: The 'dream stone'; this majestic gemstone is associated with contentment.

4th Anniversary

Material: Turquoise

Meaning: One of the oldest protection amulets, it is thought to provide strength and peace.

5th Anniversary

Material: Aquamarine

Meaning: Thought to have a soothing effect on married couples, it can help work out differences and ensure a long and happy partnership.

10th Anniversary

Material: Quartz

Meaning: A chameleon of a gemstone, we love the many faces of this diverse gemstone.

15th Anniversary

Material: Topaz

Meaning: In both Eastern and Western astrology, topaz stands for strength and symbolises love and affection.

20th Anniversary

Material: Garnet

Meaning: From the Latin for pomegranate, the rich colours symbolising fertility, passion and love.

25th Anniversary

Material: Silver

Meaning: Resilient and malleable, it is the most reflective of all the precious metals.

30th Anniversary

Material: Pearl

Meaning: A work of art taking years to form, every pearl is unique in colour, lustre, size and shape.

35th Anniversary

Material: Coral

Meaning: Its colour symbolises joy and happiness.

40th Anniversary

Material: Ruby

Meaning: In Sanskrit, rubies are known as ratnaraj, 'King of precious stone'.

45th Anniversary

Material: Sapphire

Meaning: The ancient Persians believed that the Earth rested on an enormous sapphire.

50th Anniversary

Material: Gold

Meaning: Containing no oxides, gold is the only precious metal that will not tarnish.

60th Anniversary

Material: Diamond

Meaning: One of the oldest minerals in the universe, diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man.

70th Anniversary

Material: Platinum

Meaning: So rare, all the platinum ever mined would not cover you ankles if poured in an Olympic swimming pool. We currently have no platinum jewellery but here you can shop our lustrous 14 carat white gold jewellery instead.