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Enamel Aubar

Enamel Aubar

AuBar is back for summer and more joyful than ever. Explore high-powered hues of enamel and a playground of bright bursts on sun-soaked yellow gold vermeil. The wardrobe equivalent of a poolside popsicle.

Enamel AuBar

Astley Clarke’s new jewelry drop exudes optimistic pastels and retro shades of enamel on geometric gold bars. An energising palette of cobalt blue, digital lavender, mint green and bubblegum pink provide the ultimate 90’s pool party vibes with jet-black enamel giving a rockstar edge. This collection comprises of layer-loving necklaces in choker lengths, instant mood-lifting bracelets, and playful earrings and rings for a striking super stack. This is joyful jewelry and addictively collectible.