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Hamsa Hand Jewelry & Necklaces

Hamsa Hand Jewelry & Necklaces

Our hamsa hand jewelry is inspired by ancient talismans the Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection against the evil eye, bringing happiness, luck and good fortune to the wearer. This charm shines and intrigues, available in either our demi-fine or fine jewelry collections. Adorn your wrists, ears or neck with this traditional symbol.


Add a spiritual dimension to your collection with our Hamsa hand jewelry. One of the most recognised symbols in many parts of the world, this ancient amulet is said to bring protection, good fortune, health and happiness. Reimagined in a variety of gold and silver noble metals, featured is the signature Biography friendship bracelet, partnering the Hamsa hand with a scattering of vibrant gemstones, pendant necklaces, stacking rings and stud earrings to transform your look with a wave of the hand. For added sentiment, opt for our Hamsa hand photo locket necklace which can be engraved with a photo added for free courtesy of Astley Clarke’s personalization services, guaranteed to make your gift even more special. Order today with free global delivery and free returns across the UK, Europe and the US.