Jewellery with Meaning

Looking for a gift with meaning or a special symbol to wear yourself? Our beautiful 18ct gold vermeil charms for bracelets, necklaces and earrings each have their own unique meaning and significance. Group charms together from different categories to tell a unique story or wear alone and add charms over time. Whether you’re creating a charm bracelet for a friend, stacking hoop earrings with charms for yourself or treating yourself to a meaningful charm necklace, you’ll find the story behind each charm right here in our guide.

Love & Relationships

Celebrate love with these beautiful symbols for togetherness. Perfect for an engagement, wedding gift or even someone needing a boost in self-love. Our Lobster Claw charm represents loyalty as these romantic crustaceans only mate with one partner for life (who knew!?) and is also seen as an aphrodisiac. The Happiness charm represents a matching pair and is traditionally gifted to couples before a wedding. The gold Heart charm is a love-themed classic for any charm bracelet or charm necklace.


Lobster Claw

 Double Happiness

Engravable Jewellery

Strength & Courage

Know someone who needs a confidence boost or some extra motivation? Send strength and courage with a charm bracelet or necklace accessorised with these powerful charms. Our Lotus charm is named after the flower that rises from the mud each morning to open its blooms before returning to the murky waters each evening. This amazing transformation means the lotus is seen as a sign of courage and resilience. Wielded by Zeus, the Lightning Bolt charm represents power and strength whilst Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx are gemstones associated with royalty, power and strong vibrations. Perfect for taking on the world.


Lightning Bolt


Black Spinel

Luck & positivity

We all need a little of this, don’t we? Perfect for anyone going through tough times, a charm bracelet with a Horseshoe charm or Sun charm will make them feel they’re carrying a little of you with them wherever they go. Did you know the Red Agate in our Biography jewellery is linked to positive thinking? These charms all make wonderful confidence-boosters for job interviews, exams and driving tests. We’re feeling lucky already…

Red Agate




New Chapters

The perfect charms for new relationships, moving house or starting a new job, these meaningful symbols are all about new starts. The Key Charm represents knowledge and success in a new endeavour whilst the seahorse represents intuition and the ability to see into the future…oooh. A lovely token for the movers and shakers in your life.




Rainbow Moonstone

Travel and Wisdom

A nice one for gap years, sabbaticals, big holidays and new challenges, these wise charms are well-travelled. The Turtle is widely seen as a symbol of good luck and protection around the world (plus it’s really cute). The Earth represents new people, places and opportunities. Our iconic Polaris North Star charm is a guiding light to help travellers find their way. Charm jewellery stacked with these means plenty of adventures.




Compass signet

Motherhood & New Life

Create a charm necklace or charm bracelet to celebrate a new mum, mark a fertility journey or celebrate the mother figure in your life. Lightning often strikes before rain representing growth and new life making the Lightning Bolt charm a lovely symbol of motherhood. The Open Oval pays tribute to an egg, symbolising rebirth and even immortality whilst Malachite is an ancient gemstone associated with fertility and growth.



Malachite pendant

Malachite bracelet

Universe & Afterlife

A beautiful tribute to a special person or a nod to the stars, these celestial-inspired charms are extra meaningful. The Cosmos charm is a symbol of the infinite skies whilst the delicate feather is symbolic of the spirit realm as birds fly closest to heaven. The Star Set Disc charm is engraveable for an extra personal touch such as a message, name or date for your personalised bracelet or personalised necklace.

Star Set Disc

Cosmos Locket

Feather Charm

Locket bracelet


Summon up strength and protection with our symbolic protective charms. Two of our most popular symbols, the Evil Eye originates from Greece and is said to reflect away bad energy whilst the Hamsa is a traditional sign of protection seen to defend against the Evil Eye. One for insomniacs and bad sleepers, Star Anise not only symbolises protection but is said to ward away nightmares. Sweet dreams…


Star Anise

Evil Eye

Protection Skinny

Calm & Serenity

A calming presence for those who are stressed and busy, a charm bracelet that de-stresses is a beautiful thoughtful gift. The Moonstone charm is said to help its wearer find balance and cool emotions as well as bringing a creative, protective energy. Pearls are a classic but did you know this charm also represents serenity, safety and peace? Hint: these are also really beautiful worn as charms for earrings.


Mother of Pearl

Peacock pearl

Freshwater Pearl


These little symbols deliver a strong message so wear with conviction or reward a friend for making it through a challenge.




Sleep Aid


Want to know the meaning of your birthstone? Head over to our Birthstone Guide to read about each gemstone and its unique story.

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Remember you can give your own unique meaning into our engravable jewellery with a short message, initials or date. Simply upload on purchase and we’ll add your photos as a completely complimentary service.

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