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18k Gold Vermeil Bracelets

18k Gold Vermeil Bracelets

Add a 18k Gold Bracelet to your collection now with one of our unique designs, perfect for layering or as a statement solo piece. Timeless and elegant, each bracelet has the adjustable clasps which fit various wrist sizes, enabling you to find the best fit.

18k Gold Bracelets

Crafted to be wearable for the everyday while retaining an opulent aesthetic, our 18k gold bracelets are guaranteed to elevate your individual look and revitalise your personal jewelry collection. With their timeless, ageless appeal, gold are central to many beauty looks. Our London design team reimagined this universally lauded style and placed it in a throughly modern context, blending contemporary concerns with the classic, opulent charm of 18k gold bracelets. With a choice of adjustable sliding fastenings or clasps, and available in a vast array of colors inset with numerous gemstones from agate to malachite to onyx, you are guaranteed to find a piece or two from this selection to fit your individual style and to revitalise your own personal jewelry collection. Why not peruse other pieces in the 18 karat gold vermeil jewelry collection, including necklaces, rings and earrings. With free delivery and returns across the UK, USA and Europe, there’s never been a better time to build upon your gold bracelet collection with Astley Clarke.