A Menu of Meaning

A Menu of Meaning
The Indian festival of Rakhi inspiring our Biography collection. 

The Indian festival of Rakhi is an ancient tradition in which family and friends tie 'knots of protection' around each others wrists in a symbolic expression of protection and happiness. Our Biography collection is inspired by this ritual taking treasured talismans from around the world and pairing them with exquisite gemstones. The final result of this marriage of charm and jewel is a friendship bracelet bursting with meaning.

Having lived in India for seven years, what I love most about it is the startling juxtaposition of colourful mayhem and total serenity. These days it is so unusual to take a moment to mark something significant like the bond between friends and the festival of Rakhi encapsulates that idea perfectly. I wanted to design a collection with different talismans that resonated with different people for different reasons.
Lorna Watson
Creative Director

Gemstones have been imbued with certain characteristics throughout the ages. Some stones offer protection, others peace and some merely inspiration. We carefully consider which stones pair best with which charms and our Creative Director Lorna Watson travels the world in the search for the most impeccable specimens of gemstones, sourcing everything in the rough and having it cut to our (exacting) specifications.

The Evil Eye was the first biography bracelet ever designed. Symbolising 'Wisdom', it remains a stalwart favourite.

When every bracelet has a unique significance, a bracelet stack becomes more than just a fashion statement. It becomes a rich story of your experiences, desires and adventures that is wholly personal. The fact that it also looks magnificent is just the start.