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  1. Gemstone Spotlight: Amazonite

    Gemstone Spotlight: Amazonite

    Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green gemstone patterned with milky clouds or streaks. It’s been prized since ancient times for its healing, soothing properties and there are lots of ways to wear it. Read on for ...

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  2. JEWELLERY 101: The 12 Things You Need to Know About Chains

    JEWELLERY 101: The 12 Things You Need to Know About Chains

    There are many different types of necklace chain and each has its own style and attitude. From chunky gold link chains to delicate pendants, we’ve got the Jewellery 101 lowdown on everything you need to know about ...

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  3. Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    OUR GUIDE TO MOTHER’S DAY GIFTINGIt’s fair to say Mother’s day has become a big moment in the calendar for celebrating the women in our lives. No longer just for mums, the day is also about thanking ...

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  4. March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

    March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

    If you’ve got a March birthday, your birthstone is beautiful Aquamarine. Reminiscent of waves lapping warm sand, Aquamarine is named after the blue of seawater and has all the healing, chilled-out properties you ...

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  5. Station necklaces: what are they, where did they come from, and how do you wear them?

    Station necklaces: what are they, where did they come from, and how do you wear them?

    Delicate, sprinkled with tiny gems or motif – the station necklace has an insouciance. It’s a relaxed style, one that doesn’t require a commitment to a look but that can be woven easily into your ...

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  6. What Is A Signet Ring?

    What Is A Signet Ring?

    At Astley Clarke, we're pretty obsessed with the revival of the classic signet ring. The traditional design has certainly transitioned over time and has become a staple piece in ever woman's jewellery box. But this doesn...

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  7. Spotlight: Small Lockets

    Spotlight: Small Lockets

    Less is more when thinking about personalising this small locket.We’ve spent 10 years perfecting our locket designs – refining every detail from the shape to the ease of customisation. Our signiture mini ...

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  8. Evil Eye Jewellery: A Gift with Meaning

    Evil Eye Jewellery: A Gift with Meaning

    It is said that 'the eye is the window to the soul' as it often reveals our true emotions to the outside world. But there is one ‘look’ that is shrouded in mystery and folklore: The Evil Eye.It is said that '...

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  9. Celestial Jewellery: North Star Motif

    Celestial Jewellery: North Star Motif

    We wish on them, study them, use them to guide our way both physically and spiritually. Stars are more than just lights in the sky – they are mysteries, inspirations, stories. At AC, stars are an integral part of ...

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  10. February's Birthstone: Amethyst

    February's Birthstone: Amethyst

    Many happy returns to all the February birthdays out there (we hope you’ve got cake) and a little more info on February’s beautiful birthstone: amethyst.What does amethyst mean?Interestingly, the word ...

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  11. Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day

    We’re all different when it comes to Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s sparkle, bubbles and declarations of love. For others it’s showing a special friend, sister or colleague how much you ...

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    What if January could be less about failed resolutions (sorry dry Jan) and more about making the most of what we already have? We’re all on board with the #shopyourwardrobe trend so we’re taking it to the ...

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  13. The Black & Gold Edit

    The Black & Gold Edit

    NEW YEAR, NEW DREAMSWe’ve found the trick to looking pulled together in the obligatory January uniform of knitwear, leggings and XL coffee cup. Black and gold. These luxe pieces combine precious black spinel with ...

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  14. Celebrating Lunar New Year in style

    Celebrating Lunar New Year in style

    Are you wanting to get into the Lunar New Year spirit but unsure what to do or where to go? Let Mei, our social content star be your guide.What to Eat?“This time of year is all about connection, whether that is ...

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  15. January Birthstone: Garnet

    January Birthstone: Garnet

    POMEGRANTE TO BRILLIANT GREEN The gemstone Garnet is the birthstone for January, and also the 20th Wedding anniversary stone. The garnet is thought to be a stone of love and passion, awakening creativity, positive ...

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