Behind the Collection | New Biography

Behind the Collection | New Biography
Behind the Collection | New Biography

This week on the blog, we caught up with Head of Product and Creative, Sarah Howson, on the newly designed gemstone Biography Collection, featuring a range of bracelets and necklaces perfect for jewellery layering this season and beyond.

1. The original collection was designed 10 years ago now. What was the decision behind reworking these pieces?

The Biography collection is such an icon for the brand, and whilst I love the original pieces, it felt like the right time to give them a new lease of life. We incorporated new gemstones to bring back a full rainbow of options as well as refining the gemstone size to make them daintier so they layer up well together. Charms are a big part of the AC identity, so we kept many customer favourites in the collection and designed some new charms like the heart and compass for a fresh feel. Finally, to bring the collection to life, we added a new chain to the layering design this range is known for - our bestselling Aurora station bracelet and necklace really elevates the collection. Overall, the new collection has the heart of the AC and the original Biography collection, with a modern update we hope our customer will love.

2. Will the original collection still be available to buy?

We decided to keep the hero pieces from the original collection in the range as they offer something different if you're looking for a more statement style gemstone as they are slightly larger in size. We designed them so both the new and existing styles can be layered together, which is nice if you've previously bought the original collection.

3. Tell us about the new gemstones and symbols in the collection and any unique meanings they have?

We wanted to introduce extra colour options in the redesign of this collection so decided to add in more gemstones in similar colour ways to really elevate the pieces and meanings behind them. For example the new pink gemstone bracelet features a combination of Pink Chalcedony and Rhodochrosite, which symbolises love, passion and calmness. Other new gemstones include Snowflake Obsidian for balance, Tigers Eye for self-confidence, Copper Turquoise for healthy communication, Iotite for intuition and Amethyst for peace. The new symbols in the hanging charms are the heart, moon, nazar eye, compass and one of the teams favorite the dove feather, which symbolises freedom.

4. Are any of them suitable to gift as birthstones?

Some of the collection align to the birthstones such as Amethyst, Turquoise, Moonstone, Tigers Eye, and Lapis Lazuli. Our favourite way to wear a birthstone for extra meaning, would be to choose a bracelet or necklace of your choice and then add the locket charm which comes in all 12 birthstone options.  The charm can be personalised with an engraving and images too which makes them extra special.

5. We love the new necklaces - how did you imagine those being styled?

Necklaces for this collection have been on the radar for some time and now with warmer days coming, seemed like the perfect time to launch them. I think these will look great layered up with your favourite lockets, chokers and chains for a care-free summer look. I'll be layering mine with my Aurora Choker and Medium Biography Locket for a meaningful jewellery stack.

6. Do you have a favourite bracelet and charm and what is your dream stack?

Personally, I love the rainbow bracelet for when the sun comes, and the unique colours of the Copper Turquoise with the Nazar Eye is a favourite in the office. I am currently wearing the Lapis and Tigers Eye Bracelets with my Aurora Bracelet, Orion Bangle and Polaris Station Bracelet. Wearing the coloured gemstones and breaking them up with Gold and Silver really adds something to my layering game.