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Astley Clarke at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week and the new era for jewellery

“Historically, fine jewellery has been a man’s world, with men buying it as presents for their wives and girlfriends,” Astley Clarke Creative Director Dominic Jones claims, “Now we occupy a space where women are empowered to cater and provide for their own desires – and this is what I want Astley Clarke to represent.”


On the Saturday of February’s annual London Fashion Week, the recently appointed Dominic Jones presented his first collection as Creative Director of Astley Clarke. Unveiling the AW17 collection at The IET: Savoy Place marked Jones’ new direction in the industry and celebrated Astley Clarke’s debut at London Fashion Week. The three-part collection exemplifies the affections both the designer and the brand holds for the natural word; Astronomy, Phototaxis & Stilla, and each story was beautifully displayed by installations.

A moving orrery presented the Astronomy collection with all planets symbolised by gemstone and metal pieces as Phototaxis, the collection inspired by the way a moth reacts to light, was illuminated by a mirror box. The final collection, which adds to the best-selling Stilla collection, used the iconic mobiles once created by American artist Alexander Calder’s as its muse and married modern shapes with coloured stones.










“I’m immensely proud to be leading the Astley Clarke creative team. This collection builds on my history of combining modern and classical techniques in a way that is sensitive to the history of jewellery. I want these pieces to be considered future antiques – pieces you treasure and hand down.” – Dominic Jones explains his vision for Astley Clarke.

Guests of the presentation included the inspiring Daisy Lowe, Clara Paget and Chelsea Leyland, as well as esteemed journalists Mimma Vigletzio, Editor-in-Chief at LULA Magazine and Carol Woolton, Jewellery Editor of Vogue UK. The fantastic AnOther Magazine also attended the Astley Clarke presentation, publishing a piece about Jones’ new democratic direction for the brand.