February's Birthstone: Amethyst

February's Birthstone: Amethyst
Many happy returns to all the February birthdays out there (we hope you’ve got cake) and a little more info on February’s beautiful birthstone: amethyst.

What does amethyst mean?

Interestingly, the word amethyst comes from the Greek ‘amethos’ which means ‘sober’. Indeed, the stone is said to encourage peace, courage and stability… not generally qualities synonymous with a hangover. In fact so convinced were the ancient Greeks that they sipped from Amethyst-encrusted goblets to prevents the adverse affects of alcohol consumption. Worth a try…

Amethyst is also said to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit, giving the wearer better sleep and even preventing bad dreams. Just spritz a little lavender pillow spray and get snoozing.

What does amethyst look like?

The deep violet stone is a member of the quartz family and is found inside geodes. Its hue comes from iron and other trace elements in the quartz crystal, which has been naturally exposed to gamma rays whilst in the rock. 

It can be found in a whole a range of shades, from pale lavender to a deep, dark purple.

What are birthstones?

Each month of the year is associated with a stone with different properties. The first mention comes from way back in the Book of Exodus. Stones were first associated with the signs of the Zodiac and then months of the year.

Way back when, it was thought that wearing each month’s stone during that month would bring those properties to the wearer. Although we like this theory (any excuse to wear more jewellery) in modern times people generally wear their own birthstone ay any time of year.

Give me some amethyst facts

Did you know at one time only royalty could wear amethyst? This is because the colour purple represented all things regal so was reserved for the richest and most powerful monarchs and rulers as well as being loved by Queens and Goddesses. Remember this and channel that regal energy as your wear your amethyst (crown optional).

How do I wear amethyst?

February baby or not, amethyst is a stunning stone and great for everyday wear. Our new Amethyst Biography Birthstone Locket Charm is a subtle, meaningful way to wear amethyst. Paired with a heavy-weight T-Bar chain for contemporary vibes or a dainty necklace for a simple statement. 

Don’t forget your amethyst locket is fully engraveable and you can even customise with two tiny photos - a complimentary service. The perfect gift for a partner or friend with a February birthday, a new parent with a February baby or a special celebration of your own birthday.

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