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Friendship Bracelets Through The Ages

Friendship bracelets have been exchanged across many cultures for decades to symbolise a meaningful relationship between two people.

Traditionally handmade using a form of knotting called macrame, the love and effort that went into making a bracelet was acknowledged in receipt of the gift and if the bracelet was ever removed purposefully (rather than wearing off naturally), it would signify the end of the friendship.

Nowadays of course friendship bracelets are more likely to conjure memories of our school days and the stack of bright creations worn proudly on our wrists in expression of our many, many friends…

And while the days of braiding coloured cords together in creation of the ultimate friendship bracelet may be gone, that’s not to say we don’t still hold the same strength of sentiment for our closest friends.

Yes we’ve grown up a little and have a few more responsibilities under our belt but essentially, when it comes to those unwavering friends, how much has really changed?

Incessant chatter during sleep-overs has been swapped for gossiping into the night over several glasses of wine, hours spent deciding what to spend your pocket money on has been substituted for spending it all at once in one evening online at Astley Clarke, and dissecting all interactions with that cute boy has become, well…you see, nothing really changes.

Including our desire to celebrate said friendships with the exchange of a meaningful gift worn as a reminder of those inimitable bonds.

It’s just that these days we prefer our gifts a little more gemstone encrusted…and there’s certainly no harm in that.

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