How to Style: Bracelets

Bracelets are a beautiful way to accentuate your style and can take you seamlessly from day to night wear. Our new bracelets are available in range of perfect spring and summer colours which make them the perfect choice to complement your spring-time style. However, with the addition of gemstones and talismans that hold their own unique meanings, our new bracelets are also the perfect way to add your individual style. Have a look at our styling tips for some inspiration on how to wear your Astley Clarke bracelets.



A single bracelet is often the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and whilst it may seem simple enough you can create different looks by accessorising with one bracelet! Create a delicate look with one simple chain bracelet or build this look up with matching earrings or  a necklace – or both!

A single bracelet or two are the perfect sparkling evening statement as well – opt for a delicate layer of a diamond bracelet or two.


A bracelet stack is great way to style bracelets and create your own look! Whilst it’s not exactly throwing on every bracelet you own, putting together a stunning stack is an easy process that will let you express your style!



Starting your Stack

A great starting point for any bracelet stack is picking a unifying trait. This could be anything, from a particular type of bracelet, a common metal colour, or a colour scheme. If you’re still not sure it could be good to look at the other accessories you wear on a daily basis such as a watch or a necklace, and style your bracelet stack to compliment your daily accessories.

Start Simple

Creating the perfect stack takes time and knowing where to start if you start from scratch can be tricky. A good way to start is to go simple – Choose 1-2 plain bracelets with a unifying trait, such as the metal colour, to use as the staples of any stack you decide to make. Or if you have an all time favourite bracelet you can’t live without – then why not start with that? The perfect personal stack is not bought in one go; it’s collected and gathered with time.

Sizing your Stack

A small bracelet stack usually includes 2-3 bracelets and is a great way to achieve an effortlessly thrown together look. For nightwear you could choose one statement bracelet to include in your stack as a focal point! A larger stack usually includes about 4-6 bracelets and is a great choice to pair with a simple outfit…



Styling your Stack

Contrast is key! With one unifying trait between your bracelets, your stack will already look like a complete set and so you have the freedom to experiment with the rest. Contrasting colours, sizes, materials and textures often work well when put next to each other and create an unusual stack that is unique to you.

Add Meaning

Then add some meaning to your stack with our Talisman Biography bracelets; meaningful symbols combined with hand-cut gemstones to create jewellery that is sentimental and versatile. Add an evil eye for ‘wisdom’, an anchor for ‘stability’ or a hamsa hand for ‘protection’

When Enough’s Enough

When piling up on the bracelets, you should probably ease off on wearing loads of other jewellery, such as a heavily ring stacked hand. And if you’re stacking up on both arms, consider wearing fewer bracelets on each arm than you would have if you were only going for one arm!



Need Help?

Would you rather have the help of our designers? We have selected a few of our favourites in the carousel below or browse our Bracelet Stacks page for some inspiration.

Or want to find out more? Read about our talismans and gemstones to find your perfect Astley Clarke bracelet!