What if January could be less about failed resolutions (sorry dry Jan) and more about making the most of what we already have? We’re all on board with the #shopyourwardrobe trend so we’re taking it to the jewellery box in 2023 with hints and tips on making the most of your existing jewellery collection, from caring for and storing your favourite pieces to styling them up to look like new.

First up, a spring clean for your jewellery; satisfying, easy and completely free. Here’s our quick guide…

Step 1

 First up, assess the situation. Do any pieces look a little lacklustre? Give them some TLC with a gentle wash in warm, soapy water using your fingers or a soft brush to remove any dirt. When they’re dry, polish them carefully with a jewellery cloth. These are really easy to find online and only cost a few pounds. 

If any of your Astley Clarke pieces need a serious spa day (jealous) we offer a complimentary Deep Clean and Polish service in our Monmouth Street store. Please visit Our Services page for more information.

Gold chain necklace being cleanedGold chain necklace being cleaned

Step 2

Ok, everything is shining bright and looking new. To keep it that way, it’s important to store your collection correctly. That means individual pouches for each piece to avoid scratches and tangles as well as storing away from extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight. Quick tip: pop a silica gel pouch in your jewellery box to ward damp away and stop tarnishing.

Locket necklaces and gold engraved ringLocket necklaces and gold engraved ring

Step 3

By this point you’ll be overwhelmed by compliments regarding the sparkling newness of your jewellery. Nice, isn’t it? Keep them coming by following a few easy tips to retain that shine. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower or pool and keep it away from direct contact with moisturisers and perfumes. The easy way to remember? Put your jewellery on last when getting dressed.

Gold bracelet collectionGold bracelet collection

Happy spring cleaning your collection and remember, if you’d like to book a complimentary Deep Clean and Polish service in our store, just contact our customer care team and they will be happy let our store know to expect you.