Like Mother like Daughter - Lindsey @lindseylondonmumma shares what it means to be a mother

Like Mother like Daughter -  Lindsey @lindseylondonmumma shares what it means to be a mother
Lindsey, @lindseylondonmumma, is a London-dwelling influencer with a love of matching outfits with her mini-me Leonora. From tartan pyjamas to co-ord puffers and even matching Biography lockets, the two are proof that twinning really is winning.
We caught up with Lindsey and Leonora to discuss what it is to be a mother and the best way to twin with your bestie. 


Astley Clarke: What does motherhood mean to you?

Lindsay: To me motherhood means love, laughter, and that our family is complete. And Leonora’s my little gift of joy until she… well, you know…is naughty!

Astley Clarke: What have been your favourite moments of motherhood and your least? 

Lindsay: My favourite part of motherhood is the joy of giving the gift of life and experiencing new adventures with Leonora. The hardest part is working the weekends and having to leave her and not having that time to make memories together. 

Astley Clarke: Tell me about one of your fondest memories with Leonora

Lindsay: My fondest memory, and also one of the most hilarious moments, was when Leonora wrote “Leonora loves Mummy" on the wall. When I questioned her why she did this, she blamed our cat, Milo. After I highlighted that Milo is in fact a cat and therefore doesn’t have hands, Leonora said Milo was going to write it but told her to do it instead. It made me laugh so much and it is one of my fondest memories of her. 



Astley Clarke: What were your most precious or memorable years?

Lindsay: I don’t think I have just one. We’ve gone through broken bones, broken teeth, and so many more adventures are yet to come. Everything is continually precious and memorable.

Astley Clarke: If you could describe motherhood in three words what would they be?

Lindsay: Joy, family, completion. 

Astley Clarke: Why did you choose the lockets?

Lindsay: I chose these lockets because they are something we can keep forever. There’s pictures of us inside that will see us through the weekends when we’re not together. That way when we’re far apart, or she’s away at school, I can always look into my locket and know she’s there. And who better to match with than my little me. 

Astley Clarke: What engraving did you put in the back of yours? 

Lindsay: I will love you to the moon and back, my Chachi. She’ll always be my Chachi, always and forever. 



Astley Clarke: Why do you love mummy? 

Leonora: Because she’s precious and she’s my only Mum. 

Astley Clarke: What’s your favourite thing to do with Mummy?

Leonora: I like to do art together. 

Astley Clarke: How would you describe Mummy in one word?

Leonora: Kind.