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We met up with the wonderful Lucy Carr-Ellison, co-founder of fashion’s favourite caterers Tart London, for March edition of My Astley Clarke Style. Read about her favourite London gems, seasonal ingredients and her personal jewellery inspirations.


How would you define your personal style?

Relaxed with jeans, t-shirt and a jumper most days. It’s casual by day but glitzy by night.

What role does your jewellery play in this? 

I just wear my old favourites throughout the day, so when getting dressed up to go out, that’s where the fun comes in…

Is there a specific type of piece you gravitate towards?


What’s the best style advice you’ve been given? 

The most naturally glamorous person I have ever known was called Maonie, who had been a model back in the day and a great friend of my grandfathers. She told me to never wear orange as I look ghastly in it, and to paint the colour of my bedroom the colour that flatters me most, so I will always look my best when sitting up in bed.

Do you have a jewellery icon?

Elizabeth Taylor

What’s your favourite or the most important piece of jewellery you own?

A diamond ring passed down from my Grandmother, it’s incredibly beautiful and means the world to me.


How did TART come to be?

Tart’s first job was out on location for the cover shoot of Love magazine with Kate Moss shot by Tim Walker – such fun. After that, the ball started rolling…

I met Jemima when living in New York, I was studying Photography at School of Visual Arts and she was interning at Vanity Fair. We immediately got on and bonded over food and being greedy. We often talked about the perfect restaurant that we would like to have and now that’s becoming a reality – 8 years later.

The most rewarding part of Tart is working with one of my best friends everyday doing something that we both love.

Where in the world is the best place for you to get recipe inspiration?

A hard one… Italy, South America, Asia – even our own doorstep in London!


Where is your favourite place to dine in London?

Petersham Nurseries

What is the most obscure request you have had from a client? 

Nothing is obscure anymore. I remember being very shocked back in the day when being asked to make homemade almond milk, but that would be the norm now. A weird one was being asked for very, very overcooked vegetables – who would want that?

Which seasonal ingredients are you looking forward to using this Spring?

Artichokes and wild garlic

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