A Word With

Charlotte Patmore

Introducing January’s My AC Style Woman  – Music photographer Charlotte Patmore. We met up with her in Stoke Newington in London and asked her a few questions about her style and her interesting career being on tour with Charlie XCX.


What sparked your passion for photography? Why the music industry?

I originally wanted to be a fashion designer so it made sense to start my photography career there. Music photography happened accidentally but I discovered I much preferred shooting people’s personalities rather than their looks. I love the industry and enjoy meeting a wide range of personalities.


Which artist or band would you most like to photography? Why?

For me it’s more about my relationship with the artist and how well we get on that makes the images great. So my dream artist would be someone I instantly got on with.



Describe your relationship with jewellery?

Looking back at old photographs, I was never without a necklace. They symbolise different periods of my life.


You must travel a lot do you have any packing tips?

I’ve definitely learnt the importance of key pieces. Jewellery is amazing for that because it can dress an outfit up when you’re packing light. I spend time crawling around backstage so I tend to pack a lot of dark clothing!

 What was the first piece of jewellery you remember having to save up for?

I’m still saving!! My best pieces have all been gifts; I find jewellery way more sentimental when you get a piece for a special occasion.


2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster – do you believe in horoscopes?

Over Christmas, I actually got really into horoscopes. I know lots of people don’t really resonate with them but I’m determined to be able to meet someone and instantly guess their star sign.

Best piece of advice your mother gave you

Always stay true to yourself.

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