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  1. Gemstone Spotlight: Turquoise Jewellery

    Gemstone Spotlight: Turquoise Jewellery

    This season’s hottest – make that coolest – trend. Why do we love turquoise jewellery?Not only is blue this season’s staple, turquoise keeps us cool and calm. Known to provide strength and ...

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  2. Gemstone Spotlight: Magical Moonstone Jewellery

    Gemstone Spotlight: Magical Moonstone Jewellery

    Moonstone is the ultimate glow enhancer, thanks to its alluring shimmer. It’s a stone that has always charmed with its opal reflects, irresistible iridescence and pearlescent touch of magic that promotes femininity...

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  3. What is Contemporary Jewellery

    What is Contemporary Jewellery

    Contemporary – the jewellery category you didn’t know your wardrobe needed. Until now.What is contemporary jewellery? Surely everything’s contemporary unless it’s vintage, right? Well, yes and no...

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  4. July's Birthstone - Ruby

    July's Birthstone - Ruby

    Get passionate with ruby, the birthstone for July, the gemstone for red hot romance, and the perfect colour pop for the height of summer. Learn more about this delicious, deep red gemstone as we dive into its history, ...

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    Our summer sale is here (but not for long!). Discover must-have styles we know you'll love.Whichever Astley Clarke piece you've got your eye on, make it yours, with up to 50% off in our summer sale. Be quick, once it's ...

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  6. How To Style An Ear Cuff

    How To Style An Ear Cuff

    Ear cuffs are the perfect way to add some pizazz to your stackWe have spoken before about the unstoppable Rise Of The Single Stud and our obsession with mismatch earrings, but if the thought of paying a visit to your ...

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  7. June's Birthstone - Pearl

    June's Birthstone - Pearl

    June's birthstone is the beautifully luminous pearl. Iridescent and durable, pearl is most loved for its classic appearance and has been worn and celebrated by royalty and leaders for generations.Why does June have 3 ...

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  8. May Birthstone: Emerald

    May Birthstone: Emerald

    It’s all about the emeralds this May. May's birthstone is the beautifully vibrant emerald. Emerald Jewellery has historically been associated with fame and wealth, having been worn and cherished by many ...

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  9. What is Demi-Fine Jewellery?

    What is Demi-Fine Jewellery?

    Demi-fine jewellery has emerged with vigour into fashion parlance but have you wondered what it actually means?What is Demi-Fine Jewellery?Far from a fleeting trend, it’s become the go-to for stylish women looking ...

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  10. Ear Envy: Earring Essentials for your Everyday

    Ear Envy: Earring Essentials for your Everyday

    From dainty studs to dramatic drops and statement diamond showstoppers, we have your earring essentials needs covered.Originating from ancient civilisations in Asia and adorned by the Egyptians as a symbol of wealth and ...

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  11. Love Letters From Astley Clarke

    Love Letters From Astley Clarke

      In the instantaneous age of texts and emails, it’s rare we have mementos of relationships to hold on to, as couples used to in the era of love letters; a uniquely intimate way of communicating that laid ...

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  12. Star of the Show: Introducing Polaris

    Star of the Show: Introducing Polaris

        We have always looked to the North Star to guide us, inspiring our new collection, Polaris. It is sure to be your next jewellery obsession.   Discover Polaris      Polaris ...

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  13. Five minutes and five questions with…Liv Ferdi, founder of TRIP

    Five minutes and five questions with…Liv Ferdi, founder of TRIP

      It was her husband’s accident that introduced former lawyer Liv Ferdi to the world of CBD-based products. However, it was her frustration at the inability to find drinks and oils that didn’t taste ...

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  14. Five minutes and five questions with…Silhouette Artist, Alison Russell

    Five minutes and five questions with…Silhouette Artist, Alison Russell

      As seen at the grand opening of our flagship store in Covent Garden, silhouette artist Alison Russell certainly made an impression with her incredibly rare and skilful talent. Alison was taught the art of ...

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  15. Diwali with Astley Clarke

    Diwali with Astley Clarke

    Today, millions of people around the world come together to celebrate, Diwali - the festival of lights that celebrates good over evil, light over darkness. Jewellery has been long-associated with the shimmer and ...

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