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November’s Birthstone – Citrine

Citrine is a golden hued, sunny gemstone to brighten up this chilly month. With a range of colours from light yellow to deep orange citrine’s name is derived from the French word “citron”. Reminiscent of a forest on an autumn day it is appropriately appointed the birthstone of November. Used as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic Age, between 300 and 150 BC, it was found on the handles of swords and daggers in Scotland. It has since been popular during the Art Deco era where movie stars wore elaborate, large citrine jewellery.
As a member of the quartz family its Mohs scale rating of 7 out of 10 for hardness makes the stone durable and suitable for everyday use, but can be scratched by other harder stones such as sapphire and diamond. Citrine is widely believed to bring good fortune and success to the wearer – perhaps why the Scottish put them on their weapons. Feeling inspired? Shop our selection of gemstone jewellery here.
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