November's Birthstone: Topaz

November's Birthstone: Topaz

November's birthstone is the vibrant topaz.  Topaz can exist in a variety of colours, from vivid orange to pink, to the captivating blue of London Blue Topaz.


The stone gets its name from the Sanskrit word 'tapas' which means fire, and in Hindu mythology, the word for topaz means heat. Ironic then, that the most valuable variety of topaz is cool blue. Taking the spotlight in our bestselling Linia collection, London blue topaz reflects beautifully flashes of light when worn.


Topaz is a relatively hard stone, it rates 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it resistant to scratching and a great choice for jewellery you will be wearing every day.

In terms of its history, some believe that the term topaz traces back to a small island in the red sea called Topazos. The Romans would collect golden stones here that they then named 'Topazos'. However, over time it was discovered that the gemstones collected from this island weren't topaz, but rather modern-day peridot. Today, the island is called Zabargad instead which is Arabic for 'peridot'.


Flashing with vibrant blue hues, these topaz pieces make the perfect gifts for November babies with their faceted surfaces, designed to catch the light beautifully.

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