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Our Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

 There is no singular date that has been internationally labelled as Mother’s Day, yet most countries in the world today dedicate a day to celebrating mothers.

Mother’s Day as we know it today stems from the efforts of Anna Jarvis who, in 1914, campaigned to make Mother’s Day a recognised holiday in the U.S. after the death of her mother Ann Jarvis, a peace activist who had cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. Notably, Anna Jarvis was very clear that the holiday was to be called ‘Mother’s Day’ and not ‘Mothers Day’, emphasising that the holiday is meant for each family to honour its own mother instead of a general celebration of mothers around the world.

At Astley Clarke we agree that each mother should be celebrated individually and we think that the perfect way to do so is with a gift that represents her unique love and strength. Such a gift can be difficult to find and so we’ve put together our top 10 picks for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

1. Little Astley Locket,  £95

Having been inspired by a locket inherited by Bec Astley Clarke from her grandmother, this locket represents the timelessness of maternal love. Adjustable, engravable and designed to fit a photograph inside, this is an Astley Clarke classic to which you can add a personal touch.

Little astley locket S

2. Malachite Slice Stilla Locket, £275

Or take a more modern approach to the locket with our new Stilla lockets that are also engravable and can keep a photo inside. Take a look at our guide on how to engrave Astley Clarke jewellery for the best results!

malachite stilla locket

3. Cognac Diamond Mini Halo Hoop Earrings, £495

Diamonds are never a bad decision and our new mini halo hoops with coloured diamonds are a unique twist on classic diamond earrings.


4. Icon Aura Ring, £450

Stunning diamonds set in 14 carat rose gold, this ring is an ideal gift for any mother

rosegold icon aura ring

5. Plain Honeycomb Bracelet, £150

.Inspired by mother nature itself, this silver bracelet features a simple, yet unique, honeycomb design.

plain honeycomb bracelet S

6. Rose Quartz Heart Kula Bracelet, £90

This delicate piece says everything you need to with rose quartz gemstones and a heart talisman symbolic of love.

rose kula bracelet S

7.Mini Moonstone Stilla Stud Earrings, £50

The moonstone represents feminine strength and has been the gem of goddesses throughout history, these simple studs are Astley Clarke’s celebration of a mother’s fortitude.

moonstone stilla studs

8. Opal Mini Icon Aura Ring, £695

The opal gemstone is said to help its wearer in the face of challenging times making this the perfect ‘thank you’ for the constant supply of support and encouragement that only a mother could give.

opal mini icon aura ring

9. Mini Butterfly Biography Pendant, £70

Another pick from our talisman jewellery, the butterfly is symbolic of joy. However, the Astley Clarke butterfly is special to mothers as it was inspired by the work of Sir Cyril Astley Clarke, Bec Astley Clarke’s grandfather, who worked on the genetics of butterflies to prevent Rh, a blood disease in newborns.

butterfly bio pendant

10. Evergreen Delight Biography Bracelet Stack, £320

A collection of friendship bracelets featuring the Cosmos talisman, symbolising Infinity, and the Wishbone talisman, symbolising Hope.

evergreen delight bracelet stack

Still haven’t found the perfect gift?  Take a look at more Mother’s Day Gifts from Astley Clarke.