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Seven Decadently Divine Summer Desserts

Be it a summer party, family get-together or an impromptu rendezvous with friends, we thoroughly approve of any occasion that allows us to make the most of the British sunshine while indulging in a delicious treat or two. These desserts lead the way for a new generation of after-dinner treats, combining exquisite presentation with mouth-watering flavours guaranteed to leave your guests entirely satiated. Covering everything from gluten-free, to dairy-free and vegan (because a simple Victoria Sponge just doesn’t cut it these days), these crowd-pleasing dishes cater across the board to ensure everyone can partake in these delicious, inventive sweets.

Vegan Chocolate, Cherry & Honeycomb Parfait

Proof that vegan doesn’t have to equal boring – this eye-catching dessert tastes as incredible as it looks.

Almond & Honey Dairy-Free Ice Cream

A delightful alternative to a classic summer treat, this dairy-free ice cream is as smooth and creamy as its traditional counterpart.

Gin And Tonic Cake

Any excuse hey? A naturally gluten free Bundt cake, the subtle flavour of gin coupled with zingy lime is just delicious.

Nectarine Pavlovas

How could we ever exclude so beautiful a dessert? Taking the classic pavlova to a whole other level.

Chestnut Cake (Castagnaccio)

A traditional Italian cake, originally from Tuscany, this cake is dairy free, gluten free, vegan and utterly divine.

Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake & Honey Crisp Toast

A modern interpretation of cheesecake and summer berries, this is the perfect choice if you are lacking in time but still want to make an impression.

English Summer Pudding

No summer dinner party is complete without a flavoursome traditional summer pudding filled with fresh British berries and served with clotted cream or ice cream.
Images and recipes via Jamie Oliver, Great British Chefs, Hemsley and Hemsley, Delish and Delia Online.