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Sif Agustsdottir

We met up with Sif Agustsdottir, interior designer and model. She spoke about her involvement in the recently refurbished Astley Clarke London boutique. Read on to discover more regarding her work, personal jewellery style, and love for skateboarding.

How did you get into interior design?

After many years of modelling I decided I wanted to pursue something I really enjoyed. Interior Design was an obvious choice because I love looking at beautiful designs, it makes me happy. I did an internship and after completing my studies I started working with a friend which has been great.

You recently refurbished the Astley Clarke London boutique. How did you go about it?

I wanted to keep it simple and make the space a lot brighter. I used a pastel colour palette to give a fresh, airy feel to the room that would appeal to younger women, and replaced certain items of furniture with more modern pieces.

What projects are you working on next?

We have another project in Italy where we have been working with a hotel since last year. We are designing a new restaurant terrace. It is a huge job but it’s really exciting. We’ll also be modernising the bathrooms for some older buildings in the area that are owned by the hotel. It is not so bad to be working in Italy; we get to enjoy eating delicious cheeses and drinking great red wine.

What sparked your passion for skateboarding?

As a child I skated for a few years then more recently I started it up again. I do it to have fun because I enjoy it. I can do half an ‘ollie’, if anyone knows what that actually means. I think more people should try it.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the ‘Skate Dollies’ Instagram Account

Skate Dollies… it’s a funny story. We were having a barbecue at my house. My friends Alexa Chung, Gillian and I were on our way to the shop and we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot and hashtagged it to ‘Skate Dollies’. It got so many likes that we decided to open an Instagram account. We even did a Skate Dollies song on the piano that evening. It was a lot of fun.

I guess the Skate Dollies Instagram was about encouraging girls to try different sports and to not view skateboarding as a boy’s thing. It felt empowering in a way. The account isn’t active anymore but I might have to start it up again.

What do you miss most about Iceland, where you grew up?

Obviously I miss my family. I also miss the hotdogs, salty liquorice, spas, hot pools, nature and my friends. The list goes on, but it’s all manageable.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Other than Iceland, I would say Montana in America is my favourite place. It is full of grizzlies and mountains. It is incredible. We stayed in a cabin on the lake, which was so nice.

Is there anything on your bucket list?

There are so many things, but I would love to go to Greenland.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m slightly drawn to 70s and early 80s aesthetic but nothing too over the top. I like to wear hints of different decades as well as current trends.

What jewellery do you wear everyday?

I wear a little gold band as well as a signet ring on my index finger, which has a little St Christopher on it. I have my nose piercing. I also have three piercings on one ear and two on the other, and I have a small piercing in the tragus. I generally stack my ear piercings with hoop earrings. Some days I mix it up; usually wearing gold pieces, but sometimes I like to mix metals.

Do you have any jewellery pieces that have a special meaning for you?

I have an amazing 1930s handmade Icelandic ring that belonged to my great grandmother. It resembles a silvery volcano with a green oval stone coming out of the peak. It’s very beautiful and special.

Are there any precious metals or gemstones that you are particularly drawn to?

My preference is to mix both gold and silver. I probably wear more gold but that can always change. I really like fun, iridescent gemstones such as opal and moonstone.

What is your favourite Astley Clarke piece?

I really like the Astronomy collection because it’s refined but also super fun. It is refreshing to see fine jewellery with quite a young feel to it.

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