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Greek goddesses have always served as muses for many great pieces of artwork and literature and they have served well again in the making of our new talisman jewellery in our Biography and Stilla collections. Each piece has been inspired by one of the great Greek goddesses and each carries a special meaning that makes them unique, personal and an ideal way to make a big statement with small jewels!

The Shell 

Inspired by the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, our shell charm is a talisman bestowing safe travels on those who love to wander. The name Aphrodite itself stems from the words aphros (sea foam) and odite (wanderer) to mean ‘Wanderer of the Sea’.


The Olive Crown

Inspired by Athena, goddess of wisdom, the olive crown charms means unity. Legend tells that Athena won possession of Athens by giving it the gift of life through planting the first olive tree. This created the first seeds of a city in which people could come together every day.


The Bow & Arrow 

Meaning desire, the bow and arrow charm was inspired by Artemis, goddess of hunting. Artemis is said to be fierce and strong with unmatched determination, always obtaining exactly what she wants.

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The Anchor 

The anchor charm was inspired by the rosy cheeked Eos, goddess of Dawn. It is said that every morning she rose in the same place at the edge of Oceanus, and so the anchor is symbolic of stability.


Angel Wing

This beautiful charm was inspired by the goddess of Victory, Nike, and the god of Love, Eros, the two of the few winged Greek gods. Our angel wing charm is symbolic of freedom, as these gods were believed to be able to yield limitless freedom because of their wings.


The Wheat Chain

The unique wheat chain structure of our new stilla rings were inspired by the goddess of harvest, Demeter, who also controlled the cycle of life and death. Our stilla pieces are timeless, staple pieces that can be worn singularly or with other pieces.


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