The 4C’s: Our five-minute guide to decoding diamonds

The 4C’s: Our five-minute guide to decoding diamonds
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Let’s get some clarity...and cut, carat and colour! The 4C’s were set up in the 1940s to universally determine a diamond’s value. But what do they mean and is one more important than another?

The 4C’s are used to define the quality of a stone. No C is more important, they all work together to maximise a stone’s beauty.


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Colour: There are 23 grades, starting from D – colourless – to Z, a warm white with hints of yellow. D isn’t better than Z, just different.

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Cut: Stones are assessed by eye to determine what facets need to be cut into the stone to maximise sparkle. A good cut unlocks the stone’s potential.

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Carat: This indicates what the stone weighs with one carat equalling 200 milligrams. A high carat number does not always equal a better stone.

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Clarity: Inside a diamond is traces of its origins, minerals or uncrystallised carbon, called inclusions. Fewer inclusions mean the refraction of light isn’t corrupted.


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