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The Story Behind the Eternity Ring

Throughout history, the eternity ring is often given to mark a significant moment in life such as a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child or in our case the moment that we met Rod Stewart… With no beginning and no end this endless circle of diamonds represents the eternity of life, or if you are feeling romantic, love. Traditionally it is thought that the ring should be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand as this contains the vena amoris, or ‘vein of love,’ which connects directly to the heart. We at Astley Clarke however are a bit non-traditionalist and therefore encourage you to wear an eternity ring on whichever finger suits.
Ancient cultures believed that the circle was a symbol of perfection, representing holiness and peace. It is even thought that cavemen bound themselves to their mates with a cord of woven rushes to symbolise their spirits being as one. Luckily for us, rushes have now been replaced with gemstones for an altogether more pleasing aesthetic. At Astley Clarke we have also taken the idea of an eternity ring and set it in a thoroughly modern context by using the continuous circle of diamonds traditionally seen in rings and transposing it onto our Cosmos silhouette as an Infinity of Diamonds. Now you can wear an eternity with infinite possibilities.
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