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Tiny Star-Set Details

Here at Astley Clarke we like to think we have some great thoughts, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the tiny details. Every single element of our jewellery has been carefully considered from the colour of the thread to the cut of the gemstone; even the hinges on our lockets have been endlessly discussed
Bec Astley Clarke MBE

To illustrate this (let’s face it, slightly obsessive) tendency we wanted to tell you the story of the star set tags that appear on Astley Clarke jewellery. Whether a friendship bracelet or gemstone pendant, every bracelet or necklace from our contemporary collection and any sterling silver jewellery is finished with a tiny star-set lapis lazuli tag.

And it doesn’t end there… every 14 carat yellow, white or rose gold pendant and bracelet in our fashion fine collections also features a star-set gemstone tag, except this time it is a star-set diamond.

Now, you may be wondering why we have chosen to distinguish ourselves with a star-set gemstone. The inspiration came from a vintage locket that Bec Astley Clarke inherited from her grandmother and which featured a star-set lapis lazuli. Our creative director Lorna Watson distilled the design features from this heirloom locket and now this element of Bec’s family (and jewellery) history can be seen throughout our collections.

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