A Word With

Wedding Dress Guru, Kate Halfpenny

If you are on the hunt for a timeless wedding dress with a hint of cool and a splash of vintage then look no further than designer Kate Halfpenny. With a thoroughly personal approach to each design, we defy you not to fall for Kate’s beautiful designs and thoroughly delightful service.

We caught up with the guru herself to discover more about what goes into one of her magnificent creations.


How does a new design begin?

If I am designing a bespoke dress then the first meeting with the client is really important. I establish what they do and don’t like about certain dress styles and shapes as well as any concerns they have with their body and what they want to enhance (or hide!). From that point I start sourcing fabrics and the dress begins to evolve.

For my own collection, I always start with the fabrics and the dress design flows from there.


Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from all around me; from art galleries and travelling, to interiors and fashion. I am obsessed with fabrics, so they always inform the design process. I am also incredibly inspired by my clients; meeting new brides and seeing them try on my current dresses in turn inspires me to make new dresses.

Honestly, I could design a new dress every day.


Do you have a favourite design of all the dresses you have created?

I have so many it would be impossible to choose just one! Having said that, I am slightly in love with the Isobel laser cut skirt and beaded Dita corset from my new collection. It’s so unique and the stunning fabric does all the work.

I also love the Iris Rose-it’s a full French lace backless dress worn with a satin slip underneath. It’s so simple and elegant and literally suits every bride. It’s entirely effortless.


When designing a dress do you have a final look in mind?

I always think of the entire look. I love veils and more and more brides are choosing them to add the finishing touch to their dress. Accessorising is so important – it’s like the punctuation in a sentence, the final exclamation. I love helping clients choose their jewellery too. I recently had a client’s husband call me secretly to help choose his wife’s jewellery as a surprise gift for the wedding day – it was so exciting!


What advice do you have for brides-to-be in picking their wedding dress?

Start by doing your research; have a good look around online, pinterest is a good place to start because you will find designers you didn’t know existed on there.

It’s nice to find something special and unique rather than the mass marketed brands. Every bride is looking for something different but always remember that there are so many ways of owning your select dress style with clever accessorizing.

Try on all different styles of dresses and skirt and top combinations. More often than not, something you never imagined in your wildest dreams might just be the one that makes your heart skip a beat.

Something I always tell my clients is to make sure you look like yourself on your big day. Don’t be seduced by model images and magazine pages! Your husband knows you better than anyone and he wants to see you walking down the aisle.

Oh and mega wedding weight loss is a no in my book!


What are your everyday luxuries?

Working so close to home as it means I get to spend as much time as possible with my baby.

I’ve also got a weakness for Dyptique candles so I tend to light one of those to relax in the evening.