Anklets are Back!

Anklets are Back!
Like a plethora of other Nineties trends, anklets are back. They’ve been emerging for a couple of years now with sightings on Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber but this feels like a great time to bring them to everyday wear. So how to achieve the contemporary anklet look? Think less Mischa Barton in The OC and more elegant, refined, wear-it-to-work energy. Read on for styling tips, our favourite Astley Clarke anklets and the secret to shopping your existing jewellery collection to embrace the trend. 
gold chain ankletgold chain anklet
gold pearl ankletgold pearl anklet
turquoise gold ankletturquoise gold anklet

What kind of anklet is on trend right now?

When it comes to the modern anklet, less is more. It should feel minimal, elegant and effortless. Delicate gold chains, tiny gemstones and subtle layering are key. Here at AC our anklets combine gemstone droplets with gold vermeil discs and a dainty chain. Choose from our Turquoise Droplet Anklet - for summer/holiday/ocean vibes and our Moonstone Droplet Anklet for goes-with-anything elegance.

How do I style my anklet?

 The beach is no longer the sole home of the anklet. For a more contemporary look, style yours with trousers - we like a slim tailored style or a cropped wide-leg culotte - and a chunky black mule. A bold suit and heels also works great with an anklet - just make sure your trousers are cropped just above the ankle for optimum visibility. We’ll be pairing the Turquoise with a denim maxi skirt and simple black sandals and the Moonstone with wide leg jeans and strappy heels. 

gold double chain ankletgold double chain anklet
gold chain anklet with sapphiresgold chain anklet with sapphires
turquoise chain ankletturquoise chain anklet

Can I layer anklets?

 The Turquoise and Moonstone droplet anklets work really well worn together - or even two of the same for a more coordinated look. Layer your anklet with extra bracelets using a chain extender for added impact using your existing jewellery collection. 

dainty ankletdainty anklet
still life image of dainty gold jewellerystill life image of dainty gold jewellery
gold ankletgold anklet
chunky chain gold ankletchunky chain gold anklet

Why choose an anklet from Astley Clarke?

Our anklets are crafted from 18ct gold vermeil - a thick layer of high quality gold which surpasses the standard plating used by many jewellery brands. Want to know more? Here’s the place to go. Our anklets also feature hand-set semi precious gemstones which means the superior quality and durability. This is even more important with an anklet, especially in the summer, with wear and tear on the beach and exposure to the elements. 

pearl jewellery stack with gold pearl bracelets and gold pearl ankletpearl jewellery stack with gold pearl bracelets and gold pearl anklet

Where do anklets come from?

Incredibly, the anklet dates back to ancient Egyptian times. So they were around wayyy before the cast of Friends started gallivanting around in them. They started out as a sign of wealth but when ancient Middle Eastern women started making their own at home, they became popularised and customisable. It wasn’t until the mid 1900s they made their way to the US and a while longer until they exploded in Nineties culture. And there you have it. 

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