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Dominic Jones by Carmen Busquets

Debuting as Creative Director for Astley Clarke at London Fashion Week earlier this year, the award-winning jewellery designer Dominic Jones compared his appointment to learning a new musical instrument.

“It’s the opportunity to explore ideas and ways of working I wouldn’t have come to on my own. It’s like learning a new musical instrument”

Motivated by a desire to democratise British fine jewellery, Jones has created three premiering collections of beautifully stylish, modern jewellery pieces to be worn everyday.

We take a closer look at the individual but interconnected parts that take us on a journey through the arts and the natural world where light, colour and form are central themes.



The brand new additions to the best-selling Stilla collection are modelled by Jones’ personal friend Alice Dellal. Stilla is a contemporary jewellery collection. The new additions are defined by unique shapes and pop hues this visceral collection is inspired by the modernist art movement of the 1930s and 1940s, and the kinetic work of American Sculptor Alexander Calder.

Paying tribute to the experimentation and eclecticism of the era, the unconventional pairings of precious metals and semi-precious gemstones give this collection of contemporary jewellery pieces a playful yet elegant feel.



In the first of the two fine jewellery collections, Jones celebrates the mysterious allure of our galaxy, a reference to past Astley Clarke collections such as Interstellar and Cosmos.

Fronted by his personal friend and British model Adwoa Aboah, each design from the collection is inspired by one of the planets from our solar system and choice gemstones reflect the iridescence of outer space.

We donate 10% of the proceeds from all Astronomy Earth pieces to the World Land Trust.



Taking inspiration from the manner in which moths and other winged creatures are attracted to the light, Phototaxis celebrates this phenomenon of the natural world. Modelled by Georgia May Jagger, the collection re-imagines the striking wing markings of these spectacular species using techniques more often seen in Art Nouveau jewellery.

Building upon Astley Clarke’s heritage, Jones’ second series of fine jewellery pieces is a nod to founder Bec Astley Clarke’s geneticist grandfather, Sir Cyril Astley Clarke. It was through Sir Cyril’s research of winged insects that he helped to cure Rhesus Disease, which affects pregnant women. Interestingly, Georgia’s own mother was a Rhesus negative baby making her a fitting ambassador for the collection.


We have interpreted Carmen Busquets’ interview with Dominic Jones.
Read the full interview here.

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