Guiding Lights - Model Anna-Sophie shares her story of becoming a new mother

Guiding Lights - Model Anna-Sophie shares her story of becoming a new mother
Anna-Sophie has worked as a model for 14 years and has also started a creative production company. Being a new mother hasn’t stopped her love of travel, she just now has baby Otto as her companion. 


Astley Clarke: What are your favourite parts of motherhood? 

Anna-Sophie: What really blew my mind was when I realised how much I love Otto. It’s like falling in love; the craziest love of your life. The best thing is you get to relive the butterflies not the fear or anxiety. This is the kind of love that you feel is a forever love. It’s a feeling like no other. 


Astley Clarke: What are some of your hardest moments of motherhood? 

Anna-Sophie: The absolute hardest thing is the lack of sleep. It impacts on your energy, mood, and overall day. One thing I also find frustrating is the opinions you receive from others around you on parenting. It can be so annoying. It starts with breastfeeding and sleep training to how much to feed them. You have to find a way to block it out and focus on what you feel is best. 



Astley Clarke: Your most memorable or fondest moment with Otto?

Anna-Sophie: I was so lucky to have an amazing birth experience. They gave him to me immediately and I remember him being warm and moist. But he looked so different to how I expected. He looked like a little accountant or old man. And there was me expecting him to look like an angel! And also, being snuggled in bed with him and my husband, early in the morning. There’s a thousand of these moments that I cherish. 


Astley Clarke: What moments are you looking forward to with Otto?

Anna-Sophie: I’m intrigued by who Otto really is. I can’t imagine what he’ll be like. When I interpret his personality, I feel he’ll be like my husband because he’s very detail-oriented and potters around with small things for ages. But he’s my baby too and I can’t guess whether he’ll be like either of us or just his own person. 



Astley Clarke: If you could describe motherhood in three words what would it be?

Anna-Sophie: Hmmm, only three words? Am I allowed to say, “love and little sleep”? That’s four. Ok. Love, dedication, and snuggles. 


Astley Clarke: How would you describe yourself as a mother?

Anna-Sophie: I think I’m very loving and caring, but I also still enjoy doing my own thing and finding time for myself. Maintaining my own identity is important to me.



Astley Clarke: Why did you choose the Polaris Locket?

Anna-Sophie: I chose it because it is named after the Pole Star, the brightest star in the sky. My whole family travels a lot and I’ve been moving around since I was a teenager. Every time I travel and look at the stars, I feel like my family sees the same thing. The star motif on this locket represents that to me and also signifies that, whatever happens in life, my baby and I will always be together under the same sky.


Motherhood is about moments – the first smile, baby steps, a new laugh. Jewellery is a way of holding fast to those memories. So, why not make some new ones this Mother’s Day.