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How To Build A Ring Stack

If you are already a fan of Astley Clarke then you will know that we are more than a little bit partial to the mesmerising effect of a dazzling array of jewels dancing across our fingers. If you are new to Astley Clarke then just take a look at our Instagram feed and all will become clear.

We understand however that although it may be our (very fortunate job) to play around with gemstones and diamonds until we find just the right combination, not everyone has that much time on their hands.

Which is why we have put together this simple guide on how to build the perfect ring stack, which will hopefully entice you all into experimenting yourselves.


Be it colourful gemstones, classic diamonds or simply a metal type. This will act as the foundation for your ring stack and a guide to selecting the rest of your rings.


Are you going to wear your rings as a sideways stack across all of your fingers or piled high down just one or two? This will help you decide what kind of rings you need for the rest of the stack.


One ring should act as the main focus of your ring stack. It doesn’t need to be the biggest or the shiniest, just something that you really love.


How many rings you decide to pile into one stack is of course up to you but we would say three is the minimum and you could go up to five or six.


Once you have chosen your rings according to theme, style and quantity, the only thing left to do is start playing. Experiment with different rings on different fingers and don’t worry too much about making sure that they are perfectly styled or in line with each other.

And if all that just seems a little bit more work than you fancy, you can always take a browse of our selection of rather delightful pre-made ring stacks here.

So there you have it. Now go forth and start stacking.

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