How to Style: Stacking Rings

How to Style: Stacking Rings
The ring stack is the perfect way to experiment with your jewels and express your individuality.

Whilst the versatility of this trend can make it difficult to build the perfect ring stack, once it's done the outcome is always undeniably stunning. Ring stacks are totally dependent on your style and so the only formula for the perfect ring stack is to let your personal style guide you. However, there are certainly some tips and tricks that can help you get there. Stay hands on with the ring stack trend and take a look at our guide on styling ring stacks.

Master the Metal

Stack them Sideways 

Though the traditional ring stack runs up the hand, broaden your horizons and stack rings across your hands. The sideways stack is perfect for putting together mismatched metals and gemstones. You can also bring out those forgotten rings that have found their way to the bottom of your jewellery box because odds and ends make the best finishing touches to a sideways stack.

Read our guide to the sideway ring stack here.

Level up and add some drama to your ring stacks by combining vertical and sideways stacks. Create a statement finger with glittering gemstones and accessorise your other fingers to complement it. Or leave no finger untouched and create interesting levels across your hand. Picking a colour scheme or a common shape here gives beautiful results.

Size down on your rings. Instead of buying rings to just fit the one finger that you usually wear your rings on, refresh your look by buying different sized rings so that you can accessorise all your fingers. This will give you more freedom to experiment with your ring stacks and create new looks! Find your perfect fit with our free ring sizer.

Space it Out

Sometimes a band of skin can give your ring stack the perfect finishing touch. Leave gaps between rings to create a simpler, understated look that still dazzles. Take your spaced out look to the stars with our

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