Jewellery A-Z

An Unconventional Engraving Guide

Engraving is a technique that has been in use since the 5th century BC. In ancient Greece, objects were engraved with scenes from popular mythology whilst the Middle Ages saw the use of more heraldic emblems such as signet rings. Clearly, jewellery engraving has always been used to personalise something that is intended to last.

Now, we appreciate myths and crests just as much as the next person but here at Astley Clarke, we like to think we have come up with a more interesting guide to engraving jewellery.

1. To Keep a Name Close to Your Heart

Perhaps you have always admired someone from afar or maybe your puppy holds sway over your heart? Whoever that significant somebody is, the very best way to keep them close to you heart is to get their name engraved on a locket. Whatever else you encase in it is entirely up to you…

2. To Mark a Moment

With so many important days to remember surely it’s easier to have a beautiful piece of jewellery to mark a moment rather than an overstuffed diary? Poppy Delevingne was certainly thinking on the same wavelength when she had our rose gold disc bracelets engraved with Love and the date of her hen do for 40 of her girlfriends. We may not know if she regretted anything from the night but we certainly know that she will never forget the date.

3. For Clandestine Meetings

17 : 05 : 2028 : 14.00 : 51.517188 : -0.116879. To you, this may look like a series of nonsensical numbers. When we look at it, however, we see that on the 17th of May, 2028 at precisely 2 pm we have a rendezvous in the foyer of the British Museum. Why you may ask? Well, to tell you that we would have to kill you. Getting a secret code engraved will ensure that even your flakiest of friends will not forget.

4. Because Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough

If you are not a poet laureate (and even if you are) then sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to say. Keep it simple and get your message engraved on a fantastic piece of jewellery. Because let’s face it, we would frankly much rather have an elegant gold bracelet than a tome written in iambic pentameter…

5. To Affirm a Secret Message

Is there a secret message you tell yourself but no one else knows? Do you remind yourself to, ‘Be Adventurous’ or ‘Escape the Ordinary’ or simply ‘Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast’. Hide away your innermost thoughts by engraving your jewellery where nobody else but you will ever know.

The moral of this story should now be abundantly clear. Why would you say it, when you can engrave it?