The Locket Necklace | Personalised Jewellery

The Locket Necklace | Personalised Jewellery
An iconic piece of Astley Clarke jewellery is the photo locket necklace. Engravable jewellery that can be personalised with special words and photos inside that means you, or the person you gift, can keep memories and meaningful words close to their heart and wear them everyday.

Where did lockets come from?

Lockets have been a part of dressing and the act of adornment for centuries before accessorising became the daily ritual that it is today. In ancient times the wearing of small containers that kept small objectives safe, moving into Medieval times they became more elaborate and housed perfume and other more functional items and in the Renaissance era, they carried portraits inside to keep loved ones close. Fast forward to Victorian times, jewellery became more elaborate and sentimental with lovers exchanging pieces and then in the World Wars, they became a source of comfort to those away from home. Today, locket necklaces are just as popular as personalised jewellery and come in different options - from Gold locket necklace to Silver jewellery styles and at Astley Clarke, we love a gemstone locket for a bit of colour. Locket necklaces are timeless and are the perfect piece of jewellery to pass down generations.

Locket NecklaceLocket Necklace

What lockets are available from AC?

Lockets have been a part of the Astley Clarke brand DNA since the very start and our range has expanded since then. Our Gold locket necklaces come in a variety of unique designs from chic and modern like the Mini Biography photo locket, Medium Biography locket and the Compass Locket, each featuring a single, central White Sapphire. If you’re a maximalist, then choose a statement piece like the Polaris locket necklace that features a colourful gemstone slice as well as our iconic North star motif. We have the Polaris locket necklace available in in bold Copper Turquoise, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Abalone, Mother of Pearl or Onyx.  If you’re more of a Silver jewellery lover then many of our Gold lockets also come in Silver. When opting for Silver, we love the Silver Heart Locket necklace - the perfect fusion of vintage charm, modernised with a chunky heart pendant and padlock closure for an edgier feel. If you’re investing in something special or buying for a loved one, then Diamond locket necklaces are the ultimate luxe pieces. Featuring snowset and pavé Diamonds, our Diamond lockets come in both classic and petite sizes and are available in 14ct Solid Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold.

A history of locketsA history of lockets


Personalising your photo locket necklace is easy with Astley Clarke’s free customising service. Simply choose your locket necklace from our collection, then decide which images you want inside. You can have 1 image in your locket and on selected photo lockets we offer the option to fit two images inside. Photographs can be uploaded from your phone straight to our website and we’ll print and fit each image in your locket for you. The final decision is what to engrave on the reverse of your locket necklace - quotes, dates and initials are popular but the best bit is that the choice is yours. We offer a selection of fonts to choose from too! Once you’ve decided this, we do the rest and your locket necklace will come with the images fitted inside, engraved and ready to wear.

Diamond locketsDiamond lockets

How do I choose a photo for my locket?

These are your memories so go with what feels right for you. Here are some tips that might help. First thing to think about is how the size of the locket relates to the composition of the photograph you want to choose. Small lockets work better with single head shots or close-ups of a couple. The larger you go, the more space you have for group shots, panoramas, or portraits. Once you’ve done that, you can choose whatever you like. It’s your locket, your piece to personalise and make unique to you.

Locket BraceletLocket Bracelet

How long does it take to personalise a locket?

We can customise your locket at our London Head office and if you choose a fast delivery service we can have that to you very quickly, too. If you’re in London and want to update your existing locket images or buy a new locket necklace, we offer the service in our flagship store in Covent Garden.

Engraved Locket Engraved Locket

Locket Bracelets and Charms

If you like the idea of personalised jewellery but prefer bracelets, we offer our mini locket size as a bracelet version and a charm that you can clip to any bracelet. Our charm lockets also feature birthstones so you can make your gift extra special by personalising it to your loved ones birth month..

Engraved Locket Engraved Locket

How do I style a locket?

Lockets can be worn any way you like - solo as an everyday piece of jewellery or as part of your usual necklace stack. We love layering here at AC so it can be fun to team with chains at shorter lengths too. Whatever you decide, remember that this is a piece of jewellery to have fun with and enjoy designing to make your own.