Her Dark Materials

Her Dark Materials

Head over to the dark side with our deliciously seductive black-diamond rings.

These inky gems have a history as intriguing as their appearance. Apparently, they have extra-terrestrial origins and are here because of a supernova that occurred billions of years ago. 

They are literally out of this world.


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Black diamonds absorb light rather than reflect it, it’s what makes them gleam. Enhance your inner glow with our gorgeous Icon pieces set with these mesmeric stones.


Elegant and understated, everyone should own pair of diamond hoop earrings. You just need to choose whether to go for mini huggies, a more statement hoop size or a combination of both.


Black or White...

Can’t decide which diamond colour suits you best?

Wear both. Our pendants and lockets look fabulous together and black and white is always a chic combination. Just ask Cruella. 


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