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Travel is all about embracing new experiences. From the moment you arrive at your holiday destination your senses are overtaken by the sights, scents and sounds that evoke lasting memories for years to come. Whether your preference is to spend time exploring the bustling street markets or relaxing by the poolside, we’ve put together a guide of some of our favourite travel destinations with our suggested jewellery pieces to accompany you on your journey.


This coastal metropolis has the perfect blend of city exploration and relaxation. A place not shy of innovation, it is home to the City of Arts and Sciences, a fascinating complex of futuristic buildings located at the end of a former riverbed. Inside these unconventional structures there is much to be explored including the city’s Planetarium and IMAX cinema, otherwise known as ‘the eye of knowledge’ due to its resemblance to a giant eye.

After a day of exploration, take time to unwind with a cocktail by the pool at the stylish Marina Beach Club. With a thriving nightscene, L’Umbracle and Mya offer unique clubbing experiences for all tastes.


There’s something about adventure holidays that bonds travellers together. Colorado is no exception. It’s best known for its incredible hiking trails offering access to a natural world of flora and fauna, wild elks, bears and other wildlife. Travel up to the foot of the Rocky Mountains National Park for a stay at the Estes Park and wake up to the fresh mountain air and picturesque views.

For the horror fiction enthusiast, do not miss a visit to The Stanley Hotel, which inspired the Stephen King novel ‘The Shining’.


Wander through the bustling streets of the Medina (old town) and explore its labyrinth of alleyways dotted with secret stores, tearooms and spas. A haven for the seasoned shopper, the vibrant market stalls of the souk offer beautifully handcrafted interiors, at a price to be haggled. Bringing an empty suitcase is always a good idea.

But there is more to Marrakech than a shopping trip. Visit the colourful botanical gardens of the stylish Jardin Marjorelle or take a mesmerising camel ride tour through the nearby Atlas Mountains for an awe-inspiring experience.


A vision of Indonesian paradise, these three small islands offer white-sand beaches and a shimmering turquoise sea. Embrace a castaway lifestyle on the picturesque Islets of Gili Meno and Gili Air. Perfect for basking in the sun and snorkelling amongst the coral reefs and sea turtles.

Gili Trawangan or ‘Gili T’ as it is affectionately known is the liveliest of the three islands. Home of the ‘Swings in the Sea’ this perfect Instagrammable location is one of the best spots to watch the sunset.


For a staycation that will transport you to a world of myths and legends, Edinburgh has much to offer with its hilly landscape, medieval buildings and historical monuments. Discover its quirky nooks and the ever-changing perspectives of this Celtic city. For a culinary experience with a difference enjoy a meal at The Witchery. The wine menu alone feels and reads like a novel.

This thriving city comes alive during the month of August with the Fringe Festival. It’s the largest arts festival in the world and an occasion to enjoy the many performers that take to the stage, from unknown names to well known artists.