Styling a #neckmess

Styling a #neckmess

The latest jewellery trend taking Instagram by storm.

The name may not be appealing but the look certainly is and it’s easy. 

Model wearing Astley Clarke Gemstone and Chain Stacking Necklaces in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

Simply choose three or four necklaces of different lengths, weight and colour and layer them up. Play with proportions, clash styles. There’s no right or wrong, just what looks best on you.

Create a #Neckmess

  Model wearing Astley Clarke Deco Moonstone Pendant Necklace and Moonstone Droplet Necklace in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

If you like a more pared-back aesthetic, a trio of delicate chains adorned with delicate gemstones is the ideal way to experiment with this look.

Model wearing Astley Clarke Evil Eye Chain Necklace and Biography Moonstone Double Droplet Necklace in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

Our Top Picks 

Not sure where to are our favourite pieces to layer together to create the perfect #neckmess

Model wearing Astley Clarke Gemstone and Chain Stacking Necklaces in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

1. CHUNKY CHAIN: The Biography Evil Eye Chain Necklace is the perfect base for your necklace stack and equally makes a statement as a stand-alone piece.

2. LIGHTER LAYERS: Mix statement chains with more delicate pieces like our Moonstone Doublet Droplet Necklace to create a softer layered look.

3. DIFFERENT TEXTURES: Experiment with textured and smooth surfaces to create a visually diverse stack. We love the contrast between the Celestial Orbit Chain Necklace and the Biography Evil Eye Chain Necklace.

4. POP OF COLOUR: Add a splash of colour to your stack with a colourful gemstone piece. Our Deco Gemstone Slice Locket Pendants make the perfect centrepiece to any necklace stack, with Blue Agate being our personal favourite!

5. LONGER LENGTHS: Switch out your pendant for a longer length locket like our Large Deco Amazonite Slice Locket for a more impactful stack, perfect for those lower cut necklines.

Model wearing Astley Clarke Rejuvenate Necklace Stack in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil

Alternatively why not try one of our pre-made necklace stacks, curated to achieve the perfect layered look without any of the hassle.

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